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Kristian: Saints lack swagger and leadership

I'm guilty of buying into the "committee" approach while suspended Saints Coach Sean Payton serves his season long suspension.   Now it is clear that approach did not work in week one.  The Saints need one leader to hold players and other coaches accountable, be the voice of the franchise to the officials and motivate the team.

Aaron Kromer (above) and the Saints lost their season opener to the Redskins.   I think we all thought the Saints would miss Payton's ability to call plays during the game, but we underestimated the undeniable swagger he brings to the sidelines.  I didn't see that Sunday against Washington.  I didn't see the confidence that was so common place in year past.
What's more?  Aaron Kromer didn't distinguish himself as "the guy."  He's in an awkward situation as the interim guy that will eventually go back to being the offensive line coach when Joe Vitt returns from his 6 game suspension to retake the interim head coaching duties.  How does Kromer separate himself from his peers on the current staff?  How does he establish that he's in charge?

The Saints were flagged for 12 men on the field in a critical juncture of the game against Washington.  The penalty gave the Redskins a set of fresh downs, ate more precious time off the clock, and led to 3 points.  Payton would have asserted himself to the special team's coordinator (Greg McMahon).  Kromer can't necessarily do that considering he's technically on the same level as the assistant coaches.  Kromer has consistently said the coaching staff will handle things with a "group" effort.
Group efforts are good, and needed with teams, but you always need that "alpha male."  You must have the guy that is the clear cut leader of the team.  The Saints simply don't have that right now.  Kromer's 'I'm doing what Sean Payton would do' approach needs to change.  He can't do what Sean Payton does, not many can.  Kromer has to separate himself from the rest of the coaches and become the unquestioned leader in Payton's and Vitt's absence.  

Leadership by committee doesn't work in business, the military or football.  Sure the players have to execute, but without a definitive leader and plan it's difficult to carry out the mission.
(Photo by Chris Bennett)

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09/10/2012 9:48AM
Kristian: Saints lack swagger and leadership
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09/10/2012 1:18PM
I agree with you
I think that Kromer can be that guy. I believe if he states that this is Sean's mandate and this would unacceptable even to Sean, the club will respond. I dont buy into that no one might or might not listen because he is on the same level as the others. He needs to stand up and say, I am the guy right now and we will do it the way Sean would. Dont think anyone on the team will aruge with that.
09/10/2012 2:10PM
Leader or No leader
Bottom line is the guy looks like a deer in headlights. He may be out of his element and someone needs to take charge..Furthermore our Defense is the same old defense we have had in the past few seasons. We are pathetic on Defense and until that improvesyou can have Vince Lombardi as head coach and we would still take a tail beating.
09/10/2012 2:43PM
The NFL took our coach and took our team's chances for 2012
You don't pay a person $8 million unless he is vital to the success of the team. The NFL assured the Saint's demise for 2012 by stripping the team of its head coach. That's the simple reality of the situation. Just like Bear Bryant and Vince Lombardi were vital to the success of their teams, so are we with regard to Sean Peyton. You cannot replace the head coach for a full year with a committee of assistants.
09/10/2012 3:16PM
We know what we have to do
We know what we have to do. Crying about not having payton is not going bring anything positive. No one and i mean no one is going to do us any favors. Let the man coach. He's not payyon or vitt. Its a bad situation but throwing knives us not helping
09/10/2012 3:42PM
The NFL's actions warrant comment
The comments are directed to the NFL, not to the assistant coaches. The NFL tanked the Saints for 2012. The people who suffer are the fans. Instead of banning Peyton, the NFL could have fined the Saints 50 or 75 million to go to a fund for concussion victims and left the team in tact. If you really believe the presence of the head coach isn't important to the success of a team, then why have one? Why spend money? This was a deliberate action by the NFL to take the Saints out of the 2012 picture. Unl
09/10/2012 4:47PM
Remember only week one
It's one loss. Let's not act like the sky is falling. If they win next week, this will be forgotten. Talk about overreacting to the moment. We all know the Saints defense is not top notch. Combine that with an unknown offense with RG3, and youre set up for this. I agree the coach Payton would have been in someone's face for that one penalty, but other than that, its just one game. Remember folks, we lost our first game a year ago too!!
09/10/2012 5:59PM
Can The Saints beat The Panthers this weekend? There is no excuse for The Saints losing that home game!
09/10/2012 6:21PM
Remember who won the big game last year. giants went 9-7. We just need to make the playoffs and execute from there. BELIEVE! DEFEND NEW ORLEANS!!!
09/11/2012 1:55PM
If we stay healthy and the season ends we are 11-5,12-4 or 13-3 this early season panic will be over.Who Dat!
09/16/2012 11:13AM
de-fence! de-fence!
WE HAVE JUST AS MUCH REASON TO WIN AS THE NEXT TEAM. Defense is the name of the game; every week. Let's Just put our "mean face" on today and show all of the other people we can shake all the negativity off, play our game plan on 'defense & offense' and WIN TODAY. Tell me....which Qb do you pick?????? DREW. / CAM ????? Is there really a choice? All things being equal! DREW BREES by all accounts....... NO COMPARISON! !! WHO DAT!
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