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Kristian: Saints decisions to be made, stability is the goal

It's hard to imagine a Saints game without Sean Payton roaming the sidelines.  Barring an overturned appeal from the same man that leveled the penalties on the Saints, it looks as though the team will have to get through 2012 without their head coach. 

Who will it be to lead the Black and Gold this season on an interim basis?  Will it be Bill Parcells?  Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael?  Offensive Line Coach Aaron Kromer?  Defensive Coordinator Steve Spagnuolo? Somebody else?  Whoever takes over must bring instant stability to the team.  One of the biggest reasons the Saints have tallied 41 wins over the last three season's has been the unwavering steady guidance of Sean Payton. 

"That factor has to continue for the Saints to have a successful season in 2012," says Saints Color Analyst Hokie Gajan. 

Payton's suspension officially starts on April 1st, unless he decides to appeal.  If there is an appeal, Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to rule in an expedited manner... only expected to take a couple of days.  NFL network analyst Brian Billick says the Saints have to make their decision soon and live with it

"No matter who they bring in as the coach, this has to be their team.  They cannot operate as a head coach wondering what Sean Payton would do here,"  Billick explained.

If the "Big Tuna" Bill Parcells says, 'No thank you' to coming back to coach for one more season, the Saints job is attractive to any potential head coach even on an interim basis. 

"You have a franchise quarterback, an organization that knows how to win and a tremendous amount of talent; why wouldn't you be excited about this chance?" asks Gajan. 

For many teams in the NFL I would be hesitant to expect good things in the 2012 season with the cloud of Bounty Gate hanging over their heads, but not so for the Saints.  The big x factor in all of this is Drew Brees.  He's a leader that truly galvanizes his team.  I can tell you from being in that locker room, the players on this team will view this as a challenge more so than an insurmountable task in front of them.  The NFL might have put a serious damper on the prospect of the Saints reaching a Super Bowl in their home city, but they haven't completely ruined the chance. 

The Saints are still a playoff team despite losing their head coach for the season. 

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03/28/2012 8:42AM
Kristian: Saints decisions to be made, stability is the goal
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03/28/2012 2:14PM
Drew Brees Signing contract
im hearing very little mention of Brees not signing a long term contract yet.a lot of anxiety in whodat nation . everything will change if Brees not signed.
03/28/2012 4:08PM
Me Me
Would someone please sign Drew Brees???
03/30/2012 1:56PM
The April Fool
We have witnessed the public destruction of a human beings character. Sean Payton has not even been allowed to see all the evidence against him or even been given an opportunity to challenge his accuser. He works for a monopoly and can not publicly defend himself, if he ever wants to work in the NFL, again. At some point, he should resolve himself to accept the NFL punishment and accept his part as an the official NFL fool or court jester. The suspension beginning on April 1 which is April Fool's Day is no coincidence. At some point, if Sean Payton is longer interested in coaching in the NFL, he should file a defamation of character and liable suit against the NFL and Roger Goodell for $100 million dollars. The amount works out to be $5 million a year for the next 20 years approximating the amount of coaching time in the NFL that Sean Payton may have earned.
04/03/2012 11:55AM
Sean Payton will appeal. However it makes a mocary of the entire system to have to Appeal to the same person that gave the finding and penalties. Greg was a good coach and I can see Sean letting him handle his defense. Sean is an offensive guru, Greg let this get out of hand and perhaps just perhaps Sean was not aware of the extent of what was going on. Who in their right mind would openly admit to what they are being accused of. I believe the Saints played good agressive defense ( what fans have been longing for) I don't believe they intensionly wanted to hurt anyone.
04/10/2012 8:13PM
Gregg Williams asked for the pain; the Saints did not deliver.
The Saints had 0 penalties for 0 yards against the 49ers. The 49ers had 3 penalties for 33 yards.There is no on the field evidence that the Saints carried out any of Gregg Williams' orders. If your boss asked you to jump off a bridge, would you. If your boss asked you to embezzle, would you. If your boss asked you to purposely injure 49er players, would you. Just because your boss, in this case Gregg Williams asked, it does not mean any Saints player in the 49ers game did comply with his wishes. No one is debating whether Gregg Williams asked and told players to do something wrong, the question is did they comply. Review the 49ers game and all 66 games from 2009 and show all the times that the Saints defense actually listened to an out of control boss.
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