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Kristian: Saints "want to dominate the division"

Atlanta:  The Saints had what they call a bonus day today as they turned their attention to the Atlanta Falcons. “It’s an important game because it’s the first game.  It is the one in front of us,” Head Coach Sean Payton said after practice.  “Obviously it is a division opponent, we kind of look at it that way (as) a team in your division, a team that played really well last year and had a fantastic season.  It’s a tough challenge right to start so we are going to have to have a good work week and play really well.”

Payton did not give an injury report today, he's not required to until Wednesday.

Haralson impression:  By all accounts, newly acquired OLB Parys Haralson has made a strong impression with the Saints after coming over in a trade last week with the 49ers. “He’s real solid.  He is a quick study.  He’s has picked up what we are doing and he is someone that you can tell he is a veteran who has played real good football.  His impressions have been real strong," Payton said.

Haralson, Junior Galette, and Martez Wilson are the only three outside linebackers on the roster, and all three have not taken a snap for the Saints in the preseason. Haralson received a lot of playing time with San Francisco.  Galette and Wilson both nursed injuries and missed the preseason.  Both Galette and Wilson say they're ready to play "I'm definitely geeked up about this one, I am ready to play but at the end of the day it will be up to coach Payton" Galette said.  

And, Galette wasn't done talking.  He said the rivalry between New Orleans and Atlanta is one of the best in the league and the team understands the NFC south crown goes through the Falcons for now "WE want to dominate the division, that's our focus."

Rivalry:  You can certainly feel the intensity in the locker room, now that the preseason is over and "Game Week" is here. Players openly admitted both teams don't like each other very much, and that's the way it should be.  The Saints have dominated the Falcons since Payton's arrival in 2006.  New Orleans is 10-2 vs. the Birds, not counting the 1 and 1 split last season in his exile.  To borrow a line from former New York Jets LB Bart Scott, "Can't wait".  The Saints and Falcons are going to be one of the highlights of the opening weekend.  It should be a fun one, with zany moments mixed in between.  I'm wondering when Rhoddy White is going to pop off at the mouth.  Tick, tick, tick goes the clock.

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09/02/2013 6:10PM
Kristian: Saints "want to dominate the division"
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09/02/2013 6:44PM
can't stand the birds
I've been waiting for this game for months. I'm sure we will get something good from Rotten White for the team to get fired up about. Go Saints!
09/02/2013 6:56PM
Saints fan
After the egging last season n Atlanta. I want to see them go home with egg on their faces however let's maintain our dignity n take care of them with class and the New Orleans great hospitality
09/02/2013 7:01PM
can't stand the birds
We have more class than that, If Matty Slush is true to form the birds should be leaving on their bus with their tail feathers between their legs.
09/02/2013 7:04PM
09/02/2013 7:25PM
can't stand the birds
All we have to do is stay around the middle of the pack in defense, pressure the QB, and get the turn overs when they come our way and Drew and company will take care of the rest.
09/02/2013 11:30PM
09/03/2013 10:16AM
Who dat gonna stop dem Falcons
Aints gave up a bunch of yards last year. How you goona improve on that. Sean Payton can't suit up and play. Your defense is gonna crumble. Rise up!
09/03/2013 10:20AM
Ain'ts are still fuming becuase the 'Cons put up 60 points and Bartkowski torched you twice in the last minute with Big Ben right, two games in a row. If you don't remember that or if you can't belive it, you aint real just likeyour Saints. Rise up!
09/03/2013 10:21AM
I'm asking the WDN to start calling our defense..."The Icebreakers"....because after Sunday, dat defense will break Matty Ice..WD4L
09/04/2013 10:01AM
The "Rivalry" is about to get painful for saints fans sunday. Get the schwag liquor daiquiri machines going with some feel better juice going ;)
09/04/2013 4:28PM
It's not a rivalry
You're right "lol". It's not a "rivalry". If they taught to you read in Atlanta, you'd have seen above that we've dominated you since Payton and Brees took over. You couldn't even sweep us without a coach!
09/04/2013 6:34PM
you're right, its not a rivalry. birds all day
Thats since sean payton has been there. Birds lead by a big margin. Check the history books.Katrina aint come this year so no pitty. Birds by a land slide. #Riseup
09/04/2013 8:27PM
saints win
if we hand the ball off to pt a lot we will win he is the man if we keep the defense off the field by running the ball controlling the clock saints win who dat
09/06/2013 8:19PM
Paper Champ Falcons
We all know how this will go. It will be a good game, but the Saints will pull away in the 4th quarter. That's the way it is!
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