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Kristian: Payton not likely back before Super Bowl

Many Saints fans are speculating that Commissioner Roger Goodell may allow Head Coach Sean Payton to return before the end of the NFL season.  However, unless there is some sudden movement on the part of the league, it's looking like Payton won't be back before February 4.

I emailed NFL spokesman Greg Aiello and asked if there is any update on the reinstatement of Payton and if there had been any meetings scheduled between the league and Payton's people.  He told me, "None has been scheduled at this time."

Look...obviously, at some point it's going to happen.  As much as I'd like to see Payton back sooner rather than later, it's looking like the league is going to wait until the full suspension has run.

A lot of fans and media types have speculated that Goodell might ease up on Payton's suspension, since the Black and Gold's season is over.  And that seems logical, because when this penalty was handed down, the Saints were looking like they could seriously make a run at playing the Super Bowl in their own home town.  So a lot of people think he should now be reinstated fairly instantly.  I also agree that he should be reinstated now, because what's the point of keeping him out another month?  Goodell has made his point.  The Saints organization, Payton, and the fan base deserve to have some rapid closure.  

Keep in mind, however, that the whole thing is at the discretion of Goodell.  Payton has to keep his head down and just wait to see what happens.  He doesn't have advantage of having a union go to back for him, like the players did.

I think it would be a good step toward putting the whole mess behind everyone if Goodell would allow Payton back early.  He might also instill some good will with New Orleans residents as the Big Game gets ready to crank up in the Big Easy.  However, I honestly think Goodell doesn't care much what the fan base thinks, as much as he cares about what he perceives as the integrity of the game.  

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01/07/2013 11:16AM
Kristian: Payton not likely back before Super Bowl
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01/07/2013 12:13PM
As long
as snottydell is commish there is no integrity in the NFL just a hypocrite trying to force his will.....
01/07/2013 2:01PM
New Orleans should have a billboard close to the dome saying "BAN GOODELL"
Saint's fans should get something together to show the nation what we think of him.
01/07/2013 2:45PM
Payton should keep his head held high
You say that Payton should keep his head down. That is exactly what is wrong with your editorial perspective on the Saints. We do not want to bow down and take it. Take your defeatist attitude and go work for the NFL network. The NFL has tried to demean our Super Bowl victory and the Saints NFL best 41 game victories over a three year period. Now a politician in Washington wants to cheapen all the tragic deaths from Katrina. We will not bow down, except in prayer, to the divine creator of the universe.
01/07/2013 8:27PM
Boycott the superbowl
Tell goodell to take his stupid game to another city. Its not fair all the other teams had their coaches. Now they want to party in new orleans after red taping us out of our chance at being in it. no thanks.. BOYCOTT THE STUPID SUPERBOWL!!
01/08/2013 2:03AM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
Joe Vitt missed six games for a total of seven weeks. Dictator Goodell didn't give in for the open date. So he won't give in letting Sean come any earlier than Feb. 4. Why,because the man will have no mercy on the Saints. The Bible says if you give no mercy, you will receive no mercy. The Word speaks for Itself.
01/08/2013 2:08AM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
The Dictator(Goodell) will get his day, when Vilma's lawsuit is decided by a Judge not a Dictator. I firmly believe Vilma will win in a shutout.
01/09/2013 3:26PM
Who's head shood be down?
Goodell is the one that better show up here with his head down or at least on a swivel
01/10/2013 6:10AM
2nd Round pick
Hey Roger, we want our second round draft or you may consider watching the Superbowl on TV.
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