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Kristian: Mum's the word on Harper restructuring.

A league source tells me the Saints have not formally asked safety Roman Harper to restructure his contract.
Additionally, the source says there have NOT been any discussions between the two parties at all regarding a possible restructure.

Harper signed a four-year deal back at the start of the 2011 season.

The Saints are currently about $2 million over the salary cap before the start of free agency on March 12th.  Harper's cap figure this season is $7.1 million dollars.

Harper has been the subjected of much criticism from fans questioning his value to the Saints defense.  

Harper is 30 years of age, and been in the league since 2006.  The Saints defensive captain signed a four- year, $28 million contract after the lockout ended in 2011.

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03/04/2013 2:07PM
Kristian: Mums the word on Harper restructuring.
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03/04/2013 2:42PM
they need to cut him and reclaim that cap space. A gorilla can cover better than him. :)
03/04/2013 4:00PM
harper's deal
loomis and payton are the experts. but for the life of me, i cannot understand how a player that performs at such a low level as Roman Harper is worth 7 million dollars. Somebody help a brother out here.
03/04/2013 8:33PM
Not only can he not cover anyone, but he is one of the most penalized of all the Saints. His penalties are mostly of the type that are either because he has been beat or just unexplainable. Why would a professional NFL player stoop to hitting another player after he had crossed the goal line several seconds before?
03/05/2013 9:03AM
Harper's Best Seasons Came Early in His Career...
I'd like to see the Saints draft somebody like Eric Reid from LSU and have him compete with Harper for the starting job. If Harper wants to stay with the team, he'd most definitely need to take a pay cut. I heard on Twitter that the Saints still haven't paid him his $6 million in guaranteed money...makes you wonder.
03/05/2013 11:09AM
stay but...
Haper can stay, but he needs to restructure for a lot less money.
03/05/2013 5:45PM
Worst safety in league history
He is the worst safety in nfl history every big play u see him chasing from behind if they keep him I will not watch saints football
03/10/2013 4:35PM
He was ran down by Sam Bradford...enough said
03/11/2013 1:26AM
I think they need to cut him, there are a lot of good Safety comming up in free agency
03/13/2013 7:13AM
Roman Harper
I find he doesn't give his all, quits on plays. We need a Safety presence, bring in new blood
03/14/2013 4:26AM
let harper go
I think we should cut harper and go after a big name safety like woodson or reed. We need another Daren shaper type player.
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