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Kristian: Loomis dismisses reports on Brees statements

The blogosphere has been circulating a report that Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis insinuated that Drew Brees is not a "great" quarterback, and is instead a "very good quarterback."

These reports sounded suspect, at best.  So, I contacted Loomis himself. 

Here is the reply I got from Loomis: "It is stupid to suggest that I think Drew is anything less than a great player."

The Saints and Drew Brees continue working on long term contract extention ahead of Monday's franchise tag designation deadline.

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03/02/2012 2:57PM
Kristian: Loomis dismisses reports on Brees statements
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03/02/2012 3:51PM
Jack the Cat
Thanks, Kristian, for getting the straight skinny on this matter. Let's get this deal done by Monday so the TP and the blogs can cool their jets. Now we gave the "bounty hunter" flap to contend with, and God only knows the truth behind this!
03/02/2012 5:45PM
the greed of Drew Brees
commented on Drew Brees's status: "You need to sign the contract.you also need to remember who gave you another shot at playing when everyone else said you where a wash out.You know every since the super bowl your head has grown twice the size of a normal one.So get off your tail and do whats right and sign the contract.Remember there's another QB thats going to need another chance .Maybe Payton Manning.After all you do average about 15 INTs a season."
03/03/2012 8:06AM
No greed in Drew Brees
There is no greed in Drew Brees--it is a business. You say the Saints gave him another chance...you might me right, but Drew Brees brought the Saints back from "death". If it were not for Drew there would not be a team in New Orleans. He has broken every record not only in the Saints record books but in the NFL. These teams use plays like they want and make millions off of them...then let them go without warning. So I say, pay the man !
03/03/2012 10:34AM
He should get paid, but it sure is frustrating with reports that he could have secured a deal to be the highest paid player last year. It is taking away from the pride I have in both the front office and Drew. On top of that, there's the bounty program.
03/03/2012 11:58AM
For a player to say destiny is why he is here, but the extra $$$ has to be a part of that destiny to stay....I think I am missing something here. Especially after refusing a contract a year ago that would have made him the highest paid football player.Looks like either him or his agent were trying to set the Saints organization up for this year. Can't fault the Saints in this matter. It is either Brees or his agent.
03/03/2012 3:12PM
No respect for Saints or Brees
This could have gotten done last year.I don't think Brees ever intended to play with the Saints either beyond last season or next.You know Mr. Brees you could be plying your trade in some other pitiful franchise and never won a superbowl or broken the yardage record.I knew Brees was a fake by spouting all that "love" for the city and its people.Some other player said the same thing and before anybody could blink he was gone to Cleveland.Maybe that's where Brees belongs,in Cleveland.
03/03/2012 3:16PM
As all of you should know by now there is no deal and the team had to use the franchise tag on brees.So much for all the experts saying that they just knew both sides would come to an agreement.
03/04/2012 2:39AM
The bigger picture: Goodbye Mickey
It's been a busy and extremely poor performing week for Mickey Loomis. No doubt he had knowledge of the Bounty problem. All the more reason to come to an agreement with Drew Brees, so the team doesn't have two major distractions at the same time - both critical. Not to mention how important to the rest of the signing process it would have been to have Brees signed to receive his $23 million per year over the long term, so that we could have used the Franchise Tag and the salary cap to our benefit to keep our offensive team together. Recommendation: Fire Mickey Loomis, as soon as it makes sense. The major question is whether you do it before the NFL penalties - to lighten the sentence; or now - if timing won't matter anyway. If the latter is the consensus, I'd suggest delivering his pink slip TONIGHT As for the defense, I suggest we "fire" anyone involved in the bounty program. Losing the veterans is a good excuse to "clean house" on this group of under-performers, anyway. Keep Malcolm Jenkins, Johnny Patrick, Patrick Robinson and Cameron Jordan, maybe Gillette - and let the rest go. We're better off with new, fast talent who WANT to prove themselves, and hence won't need the ridiculously petty amount of $1500 to stimulate their performance. Whose idea was the bounty, anyway? I bet it was the same guy who blitzed in the last 1:30 of the SF game and caused us to lose it because we didn't have adequate coverage in the secondary. That was poor judgment. Likewise, risking penalties for a $1500 bonus program for a player who is making at least $50,000 for the game is simply poor judgment. If the numbers were reversed, it might have made sense! Goodbye Mickey! Goodbye defense! Let’s take our chances on something we know works! Drew Brees, Carl Nix, Marques Colsten and the offensive team.
03/04/2012 3:54PM
Protecting the Streak
Somone is trying to make sure the Saints aren't the first team in NFL history to host a Super Bowl. Too much money involved to have a home team advantage where the Saints will win by at least 21pts in a blowout.
03/06/2012 3:49PM
P--- Off Saint Fan
Drew sign the deal
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