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Kristian: Kromer the right choice to fill Vitt's shoes

Kristian@wwl.com   -   @kristiangaric1
I am highly impressed with Aaron Kromer, who spoke with the media today following practice.

"I'm going to hold this thing over until Joe Vitt gets back. I'm going to hold the fort," Kromer said.  "It's important that Drew Brees feels this is Sean Payton's program."

The Saints announced yesterday that Kromer, the offensive line/running backs coach, with take the helm when Joe Vitt begins serving his six-game suspension in week one of the regular season.

I've heard him speak in the past, and I was surprised how candid he was with the media.  At the same time, you can see and hear that this guy has that "it" factor that you’re looking for in an head coach, even if it's on an interim basis.  You can see where the players would rally around him.  They trust him, they believe in him. 

Although Joe Vitt's suspension doesn't begin until week one, Kromer will be making the calls for the final two upcoming preseason games.  It will be a transition period, a dress rehearsal for him, a time to work out any kinks.

Joe Vitt said today that he'll work close with Kromer on the sidelines for the next two games.

"(We will go over) some game day procedures, talking to the officials beforehand, going over the procedure for a replay review, going over some procedures postgame when you get the injuries and you have to talk to the media, things  like that so he can start to set the routine of practice," Vitt said.  "That is why Mickey chose to make the announcement now, so we’d have two full games together.”

I don't think it's going to be as big a deal as some people are making it out to be.  Sure, it will have an impact, undoubtedly it will.  I mean, it's unprecedented...you're going from Payton to Vitt to Kromer, then back to Vitt after six games.  That will take some adjustments and getting used to. But this is an organization that doesn't do things frivolously.  Everything's calculated, they plan it, and they study it.  There are a number of guys who could have taken it over, but clearly Aaron Kromer made the most sense. And, it should not affect Kromer's ability to work with the offensive line.  

The thing that he stresses is that he has to "be himself."  He knows he can't be Sean Payton, and he can't be Joe Vitt.  However, he's going to follow Payton's method, which they've done that since Payton left the building to begin serving his season-long suspension.

I think it was smart to announce this decision NOW, when you're in the preseason, instead of waiting until week one, when you're trying to prepare for a game that counts.  You won't have this kind of distraction, and all of this will have been put to bed by then.  

Injury updates: Coach Vitt said that WR Adrian Arrington will be ready for the Redskins game. 

Vitt also said that WR Andy Tanner is walking better.  "He has not been outside at any practice with us yet. He is still in the training room but he is out of the boot. He is not limping and he is really making good progress," Vitt said.

As for RB Mark Ingram, Vitt said that he's ahead of schedule.  "I think he has gone as much as three back-to-back practices and then (we) take him out for a day. As we are getting closer to the end of the process, we held him out a little earlier in the week. He put (in) two back-to-back practices this week. I see the quickness and the explosiveness in practice and now I think it is a confidence factor on his part. He is progressing well. I am excited about him.”

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08/23/2012 3:52PM
Kristian: Kromer the right choice to fill Vitt's shoes
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08/23/2012 9:58PM
"GET HARD Or DIE" That's my message to the Saints. Practice HARD, Study HARD and Play Hard. It's do or die time now fella's. No matter how you look at it, It's going to be a rough season, but hell, there all rough seasons. So good luck from a faithful fan and knock some snot bubbles in somebody!
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