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Kristian: Ingram injury concern?

Don't expect to see Mark Ingram in the Saints Organized Team Activities this week.

Last year, Ingram's rookie season didn't exactly go as he expected.  The former Alabama running back missed six games due to nagging heel and toe injuries.  Furthermore he had offseason knee surgery and will miss a significant time in the offseason condition program and OTA's. 

Interim Head Coach Joe Vitt says Ingram will rebound. "I think anytime you see a player limping around with a late-season, offseason surgery like he had... you're concerned.  What I'm not concerned about is his dedication to getting better, and his accountability to his teammates.  He shows up to treatment on time every day.  He's not late.  He's taken a good business approach to this thing," Vitt explained.  "The surgery is probably something that he didn't have to get done, but as an organization we all agreed that he should get it done to make him a stronger player.  Mark is a dependable guy now.  He's not going to miss his treatment.  He gets his work done.  You're concerned obviously with this, but not much with him."

The knee surgery isn't expected to spill over into the regular season.

"I think he's a green light.  We'll probably have to back off a little bit at the beginning of training camp, but I think he's a green light by when the season starts.  Absolutely," Vitt said of Ingram. 

When he was on the field last season you could see why the Saints traded into the first round to grab him in the 2011 draft. In ten games, he carried 122 times for 474 yards (3.9 avg.) with five touchdowns. Ingram was particularly effective in short yardage.  He converted 10-of-12 third-and-one rushing attempts for 83.3%.  The good news is that the Saints are loaded with depth at the running back position.  The Saints also have Pierre Thomas, Chris Ivory and their all purpose guy in scat back Darren Sproles.

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05/21/2012 6:41AM
Kristian: Ingram injury concern?
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05/21/2012 7:00AM
Good Luck!! Can't wait to see you healthy...love to watch you play.
05/21/2012 8:38AM
Use Ingram the way he was meant to be used
Ingram (any Bama RB) isn't the kind of guy you put in for 2 plays then take out for a series and then put back in. He is the guy you pound a defense with. He gets BETTER after he hits 15,20,25 carries. If you are going to go with a RB by committee you do save when it comes to late season injuries...but you miss out on the fact that guys like this are better as the game goes on.
05/22/2012 12:05PM
Ingram, don't let me down Bro!
I think the potential of Ingram is incredible. When the Saints Drafted him, I was excited, to say the least. I personally think he's a great player, and could only hope that he would be a 1,000 yd rusher but with our offense, I doubt it. I just hope the Saints decide to use him like he should be, a bruiser back. I also hope his injuries go away and he isn't another draft bust.
05/23/2012 9:17AM
Ingram is a busted Pick
Didn't like it then and the deal they made, hate it now !
05/23/2012 1:29PM
Don't Write Ingram Off Just Yet...
I believe Mark Ingram will get better in time, and think it's too soon to write him off as a bust. The Saints run a similiar running attack to that of LSU, no one back is going to rush for 1,000 yards in a season and make the Pro Bowl. We have the best backfield in the league in my opinion, but running back is one of the most injury-prone positions in the NFL. It would be nice to see Ingram get 20-25 carries a game and see what happens, but he'll be sharing time with Pierre Thomas, Darren Sproles, and Chris Ivory. I think Mark will bounce back and have a good season. I agree with what someone said a few posts earlier, use Ingram the way he was meant to be used. I think we've only seen him scratch the surface.
05/23/2012 4:34PM
Ingram is a maybe
When you start your career getting hurt, it make everyone skeptical about whether you will be able to be a good contributor.I would not have used the pick on him, but I sure hope he workout for us.
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