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Kristian: Falcons should be glad Saints DIDN'T run up the score

All this crap about the Saints "running up the score" is just amazing.  Sean Payton and Drew Brees won't apologize to the Falcons, nor should they. 
I mean, I can understand some hurt feelings among Falcons fans who saw their team dominated on the road in humiliating fashion by their biggest rival in front of the loudest fan base in the league.  That had to make for a loooooong drive back to Atlanta.
But for professional athletes and sports writers to whine about the score as if this were a junior-varsity game is both laughable and just plain sad.
Payton acknowledged that typically he wouldn't have been throwing the ball with a 38-16 lead on the Falcons this past Monday night.  However, on Tuesday, he stood by his choice. 
"Like I said last night, you are going to make decisions and people will write what they want after the fact. You go with your gut," Payton said.  "I thought it was the right decisions last night. This morning, I thought it was clearly the right decision."
Following the game, Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports noted that the Saints and Falcons are on a collision course to meet for a third time this season.  He wrote,  "Will the fact that the Saints essentially ran up the score matter to the Falcons?"
C'mon, man!
I come from the school of, "There is no such thing as running up the score."  In the NFL, it is the defense's job to stop the offense!  Period! 
With the Saints leading the Falcons 38-16 with about five minutes remaining, Drew Brees passed for a touchdown that put him in the record books.  Cole and others took exception to the fact that Drew Brees did what he does best, instead of standing in the pocket with his hands behind his back.  Perhaps Drew should have been more thoughtful in protecting the Falcons' pride by dropping back and "fumbling" the ball out onto the turf like he was teaching a puppy to fetch.
Why should Payton call off the dogs or stop playing?  This is the NFL, not little league, not high school.  It's high stakes!  If you are that thin-skinned, then sell your Falcons season tickets and go watch your old VHS tapes of the 1992 Winter Olympics Gold Medal round of curling.
And with the way the hapless Falcons were playing and with the fired-up, unstoppable machine that our offense has become, does anyone have a doubt that the Saints could have scored AGAIN?  We could have laid a 50-burger on them without breaking a sweat!
I have no problem with allowing Brees to pass for the record.  In fact, Payton would have faced even more heat if he took Brees out of the game. 
No crying in pro football!  Would it be any different if the Saints had run the ball and scored?   If you don't like the score being run up against your team, then earn your million-dollar paycheck and do your job. 

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12/28/2011 2:45PM
Kristian: Falcons should be glad Saints DIDN'T run up the score
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12/28/2011 2:58PM
You got it, Kristian!
You got it, Kristian.........This is pro football where players are paid to do their best from beginning to end.....If Drew would not have had a record of this importance in sight, Saints would have probably run the ball, not to "be nice" but because it milks the clock and assures victory! I knew before I left the dome on Monday that there would be the "running up the score thing"...there always is.......People who really know sports just giggle at that and move on.......and this includes even the vast majority of Falcon fans.....they know if Matt Ryan had been close to that record, they would have been throwing for him to get it too! I guarantee that the real Falcon fans are not concerned at all with the ending of this game except for the soore and they are hoping their team will rebound and make a run in the playoffs.......As a Saint fan I know that we need to be ready to play when we see them in the playoffs (as it probably will be)........glad it's in the Superdome!
12/29/2011 9:11AM
AMEN!! PREACH BRO!! As many times we've been messed over in games via bad calls or whatever else, we just take our losses like men and focus on the next game. Great article!!
12/29/2011 2:51PM
The Saints and I have been thru thick & thin since the start. When the Falcons, 49ers, Rams were scoring in the 50 & 60 point range in the past, I don't recall Saints fans or sports writers saying, "those poor Saints, that team shouldn't have scored so much on them....Falcons we have a couple of old paper bags to give to you so you can cry in them......
12/30/2011 7:56AM
September 16, 1973 -- Who "ran up" the score"?
Falcons 62, New Orleans 7 --- box score shows that New Orleans only score came in the third quarter, while the Falcons (leading 45 to 7 at the end of that quarter) scored an additional 17 points in the fourth. They also scored 21 points in the third quarter. Me? I think we SHOULD have run them in the ground, but I believe the current leaders on our team are better than that.
12/31/2011 10:24AM
All the Falcons had to do was punt on fourth down. Not turn the ball over on downs on their end of the field. If they punt, Brees gets the ball at the Saints 20 or 30 yard line and sets the record without having to score. The Falcons set up that senerio, not the Saints.
01/05/2012 11:25AM
It's the Falcon's fault !!
I said the same thing. The birds couldn't have won if they made the first down. So they should have punted and gave Drew the room to break the record without hurting their feelings.
01/06/2012 11:30AM
We NEEDED the record
I don't know if the fans at home could tell but in the stadium it was obvious we NEEDED to score. It was like Brees had a 500lb gorilla on his back! We had been scoring at will until he had 30 yards to go and he couldn't even get a first down.
01/06/2012 6:38PM
Winie babys
Dirty birds, ya'll want some WHine wit dat cheese.
01/09/2012 3:01PM
Dirty Birds neither give nor deserve quarter
Jason Cole, Mike Freeman and Pete Prisco couldn't write a positive story about Brees or the Saints if their job depended on it. These guys thrive on trying to pick teams and players apart, instead of writing a positive story which in this case would be reporting on a record breaking accomplishment. Instead each of these "bobble-heads" wants to malign or place caveats on Brees' record breaking/setting achievement. The Falcan'ts stink in 2011 and that flies in the faces of these jerks who had predicted that they would push the Saints for NFC-South dominance. When Brees & the Co. prove these guys wrong, they are punished with bad press. Therefore, don't be surprised when, despite having better numbers in most categories, Brees will loose the NFL MVP aware to Aaron Rodgers just like he did in 2009 to P. Manning.
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