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Kristian: Colin Cowherd needs to re-examine his facts

ESPN's Colin Cowherd slammed New Orleans on his nationally syndicated talk show today.

No, not the Saints...the City of New Orleans itself!

"Can I ask you something," Cowherd said. "Why is the least-safe major city in the country now the default destination for every big sporting event?"

Cowherd seemed miffed that New Orleans landed the Super Bowl, the Final Four, the BCS National Championship AND possibly the Pro Bowl, all within the span of one calendar year.

"It is the least safe major city in the country…not my opinion, statistically the least safe," he said.  "There are only two where locals will tell you, turn around, don't go that way…Detroit and New Orleans."  

To say the City of New Orleans is unsafe is completely unfounded.  Are some parts less desirable?  Absolutely!  Are there segments of this city that you shouldn’t venture into?  Yes.  But, that doesn’t mean New Orleans shouldn’t host major sporting events.  What city is better at hosting sporting events than the Big Easy?  None!  

Click below to hear Cowherd's remarks:

Several times, Cowherd seemed to equate having a flashy airport with his idea of an ideal sports destination.

"(New Orleans) doesn't have a world-class airport.  It is not geographically easy for much of the country to get to.  I mean if you live Rocky Mountains west, New Orleans is a looong way away."

This is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard.  I mean, New Orleans is somewhat centrally located to the rest of the Continental United States and the 31 other NFL markets.  How much farther is Miami or New York from "West of the Rocky Mountains?"

"I want a lot of hotel rooms, a great airport, good weather, safety,” Cowherd said.  "New Orleans is not top-15 in any of those."

Granted, New Orleans has a crime problem, but the numbers are somewhat skewed by violent crimes committed by people who know each other, and drug-related crime in some of the more downtrodden parts of the city.  Yes, this is a major problem the city faces...but actual attacks upon tourists, and people in “tourist areas" are pretty rare.

He "wants a lot of hotel rooms?"  Had he bothered to check, Cowherd would have found that in terms of hotel rooms, New Orleans is tops in the nation, in both quality and quantity.

And, NOT in the top 15 for "great weather?"  Good God, man, where would you rather be in February for the Super Bowl?  New York?  Chicago?  Green Bay?

I think it’s simple why New Orleans hosts major sporting event after sporting event.  This city knows what it’s doing.  We host a party like no other.  We have police PROTECTION like no other.  I’ve been to Super Bowls in other cities, and while they were nice, they didn’t have that "personal touch" of New Orleans.  That's not just me talking, in Indianapolis dozens of people stopped by our broadcast booth on Radio Row and said, "Yes, Indy is nice, but we can't WAIT to be in New Orleans next year!"  And when the Final Four was here, folks I talked to loved their experience.  
Cowherd is a West Coast elitist who swoops in for a night or two, stays in a swanky upscale hotel, and gets whisked around in a limo surrounded by security.  He doesn’t experience a fraction of what New Orleans really offers real fans in the sports scene.  (Hell, no wonder he's so infatuated with hotel rooms and airports...that's ALL he ever sees!)  No other city combines food, music, fun, night life, and local flavor like we do.  Other cities do certain things well, but only New Orleans has it ALL, and more, within walking distance.

Hey, haters are gonna hate.  If Cowherd is getting through the off-season by just trolling hard, I guess I'm just feeding the troll here.  But, if he's got a bias against New Orleans because he doesn't like the city, he needs to man up and just admit it.  Instead, his arguments are factually suspect at best, and intentionally malicious at worst.

Part of me says, "Screw him, Colin Cowherd can stay on the West Coast."  But despite everything he said, I'm a fan of Cowherd's and would love to take the time to be a tour guide and show him both the good and bad of our town.  

The door is open, Colin.  Be responsible and take the time and effort to really learn about one of the greatest cities in the world before you slam it!  

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05/22/2012 4:03PM
Kristian: Colin Cowherd nees to pull his head out of his a**
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05/22/2012 4:36PM
This could be argued both ways
While it's true New Orleans has some areas that no sane person should ever venture into, there is a DMZ in downtown New Orleans adjacent to the Superdome that is perfect for sporting events. Mr. Cowherd must know this. I can't believe he works for ESPN and has never been here.
05/22/2012 4:38PM
Rod in Sacramento
I have been out of New Orleans area for almost 10 years and miss it dearly. The idiot said you can get good food anywhere. A couple of people, one who lived in New Orleans,opened a Po-boy shop here in Sacramento. I go twice a week. It does a good business. If you can get good food anywhere why do they have so many other cities that have Cajun food.
05/22/2012 4:45PM
Rod in Sacramento
Also every time a competition of national best chefs in New Orleans and San Francisco. New Orleans wins. You could find good food any where(burgers, pizzas, etc. But there is only one place you can find the best food and that by a landslide in Superbowl cities is New Orleans. You look up the word idiot in the dictionary and you will find his picture onside of it.
05/22/2012 5:09PM
Tom in sacramento
Hey Rod. I live in Sactown also. Have lived here since 2002. Would love to know where dat po-boy shop is. Need a taste of home!
05/22/2012 5:23PM
The Truth
Destination city for every major sporting event championship, an entire movie/film production industry, record-breaking convention activity, an expanding reach as a departure port in the cruise industry, millions of annual tourists..... and Moron is going in the other direction. He must be in the "front row".
05/22/2012 5:30PM
Thank you for venting for me, Kristian. Good article. Cowherd has been on a rampage about New Orleans forever. That kind of vitriol can only be explained by jealousy.
05/22/2012 5:31PM
West Coast?
I thought Cowherd was out of CT, not the West Coast. I'm sure you know better than I do.
05/22/2012 5:34PM
He slams NOLA a lot. You may still be a fan, Kristian, but he lost me a long time ago. He is truly a raving idiot.
05/22/2012 5:56PM
This guy is anything but professional. i used to listen to him on radio, but after hearing enough of his bravado and self adoration, I gave up on this loony. Clearly, he has no idea of what New Orleans is all about - and I live in Atlanta!
05/22/2012 5:58PM
Saints fan in the north GA mountains
The only reason that I ever listen to Colin is to prove that was he said the day before was incorrect. Every prediction is wrong; he knows nothing about nothing. I missed today's show but will listen for updates on this topic on Wednesday. Bobby - I hope that he has you on his show. What a moran.
05/22/2012 6:00PM
ESPN? Really?
Isn't ESPN the one who relied on "unnamed" sources and "unconfirmed information" when the Bounty scandal first hit? I do not trust a thing that comes out of anyone's mouth who is associated with ESPN.
05/22/2012 6:01PM
Rod in Sacramento
Hey Tom, The name of the place is French Po-Boys One. It is located at the corner of 65th and Broadway. You take the 50 toward Lake Tohoe , exit on the 65th and turn right(From downtown). It's address is 6498 Broadway, Sacramento 95820.Turn right on Broadway, take left on first parking lot.
05/22/2012 6:12PM
Rod in Sacramento
Hey Tom, They got Shrimp, Soft-Shell Crab etc. It taste exactly like Po-Boys in New Orleans. I don't live too far away so I go twice a week. Maybe I see you there. I have my Saints Cap and Shirt on. Who Dat! I actually got to meet Carl Nicks out here. Sorry to see him leave for Tampa.
05/22/2012 6:18PM
WWL Radio
Hey Rod - You should call into the show with Bobby Hebert! 504-260-1870.. will let the screener know you're calling from California
05/22/2012 6:24PM
I guess he is right and ALL the people who book events yearly in Nola are wrong. One person versus thousands. Gotcha.
05/22/2012 6:37PM
Right and wrong...
You guys are right and wrong. No other city can host a championship like New Orleans. No doubt about it. But hell, your newscast just led off with a story about the Mayor wanting to do something about the high murder rate. Safe? No way. All your crying and being a baby about it when someone speaks the truth about how rough the city is...just grow a set and take it. Semper Fi.
05/22/2012 6:57PM
@ the sorry semper fi.
Nobody isn't saying it don't happen, but don't act like our city isn't great either, o maybe that's why we are talking bout it now, my bad, lol.
05/22/2012 6:58PM
Who is this guy anyways?!
Who cares what this guy has to say really? This guy is just ugly individual inside and out..who cares about him..
05/22/2012 7:03PM
I live in downtown New Orleans with my wife and 2 youngest children. My kids walk their dogs at 5 AM or 10 PM at Lafayette Park without fear. We've live here full time for over 3 years and part time for 12 years and have never been concerned about crime. A Northerner who needs a bodyguard to walk around the streets would never understand the hospitality New Orleans affords it's visitors. We live on the Mardi Gras Route and have never had safety concerns. I plan to walk to Lafayette Park to watch Trombone Shorty tomorrow night and will not hire an ex FBI agent because----It will be awesome.
05/22/2012 7:08PM
The city IS rough...
...and no amount of whining about it when someone from outside the area points it out is gonna change it. No one, though, is going to come to a championship game just because its here instead of, say, San Diego or Miami. They are gonna go to WHEREVER their team is playing that championship - don't matter where it is. That thought doesn't even cross their minds to a large degree. Trust me, even thought the guy may be a "world-class a-hole", he is not alone by a long shot.
05/22/2012 7:12PM
Hey, Dr DJ
No one doubts the hospitality of those in New Orleans...but to live there for 15 years on and off like you have and NOT HAVE concerns over safety...that's just insane. You need only listen to the news wherever you choose - 4, 6 or 8, WWL, whoever -to know you have blinders on, and are taking a huge gamble with your family.
05/22/2012 7:20PM
Let the crying begin...
Waaahhhhh waaaaaahhhhh waaaahhhh
05/22/2012 7:21PM
Collin who?
Who cares what Cowpattie, Cowherd has to say? He doesn't ever have to visit New Orleans, that's his perogative and we have the right to change the channel whenever he appears on TV, that's our perogative.
05/22/2012 7:47PM
What better way to show this guy just how above all this we are by insulting him. You all can dish it out but you sure as heck can't take it. How pitiful and what better way to reinforce the bad image we already have...
05/22/2012 7:49PM
As long as you're a Saints or LSU fan, it is relatively safe to be in NOLA. If not, you are out of luck. Talk about haters, y'all need to look more closely in the mirror.
05/22/2012 7:57PM
Be seeing ya...
And I'm sure he'll arrive for the Superbowl during our crappy February weather, at our crappy airport and stay in one of our crappy hotels within walking distance of our crappy stadium. CAN'T WAIT.
05/22/2012 8:18PM
800 bourbon
The next time Cowdung is in Nola would someone please take him to the 800 blok of Borbon so he will lighten up on New Orleans.
05/22/2012 8:20PM
Who cares what "Colon Cowturd" and espn have to say.Just a bunch of raving idiots.
05/22/2012 8:41PM
Hey there CowTurd, Then stay the Hell out of here. We don't need are want people like you here. Mighty funny everything is coming here.Just proves goofballs like you are JEALOUS of this great a HAPPY CITY. Yeah its all coming this way. Come on HOLLYWOOD,bring it. We can handle it. You know where your fed well, and treated with respect. Not another city in world that treats people as well as we do.. We are Happy and people like you can't stand it. Ya scared we going to win the Superbowl here at home cry baby. Wah Wah Wah, call 911 who gives a dam what u and your peers think. Stay the hell out of her. lol
05/22/2012 8:42PM
Why haven't the 130,000 residents who left New Orleans after Katrinacome back yet?
IF New Orleans was such a great place, why haven't the 130,000 residents who left New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina come back yet? Why did Chevron leave? How about Avondale? Oh, did I mention Coach Sean Payton did buy a house in Dallas? What about the MILLIONS of TOURISTS of visit NOLA each year who before Katrina and decided, "Hmm, the food is great, the people i met are fantastic, but guess what, I am not living here."
05/22/2012 9:02PM
How many people got shot on Bourbon Street last year? And on Holloween?
Let's see the Bayou Boogaloo, someone got shot and died this year. Mardi Gras, you can count on several shooting on parade routes and even in front of cops. And Bourbon Street, seems like each Bayou Classic someone get shot each year right around Bourbon or Canal Street. And to say overall crime is only 79th is to say, "Yeah, we always TRUST the NOPD and immediately call the NOPD when something bad happens even if they take 2-4 hours to arrive, if they ever arrive. Or if they even can solve the crime to begin with. As you can see, every time we, the citizen of NOLA have reported crime for the last 10-50 years, the following year has always safer thanks to the NOPD brave and selfless efforts."
05/22/2012 9:07PM
New Orleans
What about Vancouver! New Orleans is MUCH safer after any major sport event!!!!
05/22/2012 9:26PM
Coward IS an idiot!
What about Vancouver? A peaceful Canadien city erupted with violence after a loss. Never happened in NOLA! I remember celebration after the Saints Super Bowl victory.... Bourbon St celebration had people hugging from all classes of people.... the residents of the projects hugging with people from the welthiest neighborhoods in uptown! The parade was the largest ever with NO crime at all. We are all supportive as a fantastic unison!!!!
05/22/2012 9:32PM
If the Population was Increasing, why isn't there any tax money to fix the streets or lights?
If the Population was Increasing, why isn't there any tax money to fix the streets or lights? Why does the City of NOLA always say their revenue projects are too high and now the have to CUT the BUDGET, but just a little while ago they say businesshave been steadily coming back as well as the population.
05/22/2012 9:34PM
Population and Business Increasing, but City Tax Revenue still can meet budget
Population and Business Increasing, but City Tax Revenue still can meet budget and have to CUT services? CUT mental health services, CUT CUT CUT, but I thought we have more people in NOLA and more businesses opening up every day
05/22/2012 10:11PM
Tom in sacramento
Thanks Rod! I live in citrus heights. I know exactly where that intersection is. Maybe someday i will see you there. Keep the faith brah! who dat!
05/22/2012 10:20PM
Crime March during Nagin Term
If crime was not so bad, why did they have several thousand, maybe 5000, march on the streets to protest the City's and Mayor's efforts to crime around 2006-2007, I think.
05/22/2012 10:21PM
7 out of 7 NOLA districts vote to raise taxes for extra police protection
Wasn't it not a few years ago in NOLA that around 7 districts voted to raise taxes ON THEMSELVES for increased security
05/22/2012 10:24PM
he doesn't need to be coming to our wonderful city if he's going to run it down like that!!! He needs to go to New York and kiss a#@es with Mr. Goodell!!! They seem to be from the same "toadstool" environment!!!
05/22/2012 10:25PM
Safety of Big Events is a thing of the past. Mardi Gras is just plain dangerous now.
Safety of Big Events is a thing of the past. Mardi Gras is just plain dangerous now as thugs will shoot anyone in their way and any place or anytime, even on Mardi Gras day. Each year during Mardi Gras since Hurricane Katrina has only gotten worse. There are several shooting per year along parade routes with hundreds of NOPD and State Police.
05/22/2012 10:27PM
Rep. Austin Badon wants National Guard in New Orleans East because of Crime/Murder Rate
Look even state Representative Austin Badon and some New Orleans East politicians are calling for the NATIONAL GUARD in New Orleans East.
05/22/2012 11:22PM
Over reacting
Listen to his whole story. He gets paid to give his opinions whether he steps on toes or not.
05/22/2012 11:30PM
Know the Facts
Yes NOLA has plenty of murders, more per capita than any city in America. But how many of those victims are tourists, or innocent people unknown to their attackers? A very low percentage. The victims and perpetrators almost always know each other and have some sort of petty beef. The average person in this town stands very very little chance of being murdered or shot. And other crimes are either in line with or below the rates in other major cities. Murder is a very poor indicator of how "safe" a city is. Ask any crime or law enforcement expert. Cowherd is simply full of bullsh*t as is anyone who agrees with anything he said about safety, hotels, food, geography, weather, etc. People only hate when you're great! So bring it on haters!
05/22/2012 11:51PM
This is the same guy that said New Orleans shouldn't be rebuilt after Katrina....
"because it's sinking". What an idiotic and factually inaccurate thing to say. After he said that I emailed him and his bosses and haven't listened to his holier than thou show much since. I have heard him say some stupid and outrageous things in the past; especially about New Orleans so this doesn't surprise me. He likes the high class and high brow cities like LA, New York, Miami, oh gosh and he loves him some Atlanta, and Dallas. He's a fool.
05/23/2012 1:33AM
If population and business is increasing, why not enough money for turn on the lights on the Crescen
If population and business is increasing, why is there not enough money to turn on the lights on the Crescent City Connection Bridge? And add to that the new Huey P. Long bridge expansion?
05/23/2012 1:41AM
Reported Crime Statistics are not the same as "Actual" Crime Statistics
Reported Crime Statistics are not the same as Actual Crime Statistics. If the NOPD and the DA can't even get Witnesses to come forward to report or testify on murder trials, why should they expect these same communities to even report less violentor non-violent crimes? The murder rate is directly related to "Actual" Overall Crimes because thugs don't decide to become a thug overnight.
05/23/2012 2:13AM
Texas Guy
What do you expect to hear from someone who works for a network that has broadcasters that use politics to remove college football coaches because their little boy can't cut it ( no news about lawsuit filed by coach ). Once again ESPN shows why they lack class, you are what yor people are.
05/23/2012 3:36AM
How many Successful LSU and Tulane Coaches have LEFT Louisiana?
Mac Brown, Tommy Bowden, Nick Saban and now Les Miles had interviewed with alma mater a year or so ago. TIP to ESPN: Please do a little research on Louisiana College Coaches and see if they left Louisiana.
05/23/2012 3:44AM
Bourbon Street generates very little taxes and lots of long term costly drug addicts and alcoholics
People say Bourbon Street is the heart of the French Quarter which on the cover maybe true for locals. But visitors see it as an over-grown fraternity party that has lasted for the last 40 years. And most of the visitors coming are HS and college aged kids who don't have enough money or job to pay for anything in the first place. And if you say grown ups/adults go to the Bourbon Street, then why don't they live and work in New Orleans if it's such a great place? Oh, that's right, ZERO Fortune 500 companies and the lowest paid jobs in America
05/23/2012 3:52AM
Repealing Prohibition: Someone forgot to tell New Orleans that it was a good for the city.
Some say repealing prohibition was good for America. Well, someone forgot to tell New Orleans that it good for the city to allow alcohol as I can't see any benefits of alcohol in New Orleans as it is SO VERY POOR and CORRUPT. But let's talk about POOR, like DIRT POOR and highest POVERTY RATE in AMERICA even with 24/7 alcohol and drive thru dacquiri shops. If 24/7 alcohol was good for New Orleans, where is the TAX MONEY?
05/23/2012 6:00AM
What An Idiot Says....
Colin The Idiot needs to just shut up. Better yet, he needs to be shot, period. Put him out of his and our misery.
05/23/2012 6:21AM
I guess if he can't have a great football team
that he can report on, like our Saints, guess his idea of the next best thing is an airport, not many places can top New Orleans in hotels, wonderful people, food and a great football team.I feel for you colic, not everyone is lucky enough to live in this great city.
05/23/2012 6:28AM
the good outway the bad
please come visit our romantic historic quant crown jewel of the south. the soldiers of good will take care of you
05/23/2012 7:49AM
Same As Know The Facts
We The People Of naw'lins Have Never Burn Down Our City Jacka$$ >>>>>Colin Cowherd
05/23/2012 8:46AM
cowherd is east coast
Cowherd works for ESPN and is based out of CT. Which....is worse that west coast bias.
05/23/2012 8:48AM
Real New Orleans
The guys an a$$ and every where you go and everytime we have something in the city people love New Orleans! So let people talk it makes them feel better to talk.
05/23/2012 9:09AM
I love that he's mad about it...
Hey Colin, New Orleans will continue to put on great sporting events whether you like it or not.
05/23/2012 9:12AM
He can say whatever he wants...
about the city but when it comes to event hosting, NOLA is tops. Bottom line. And that, my friends, is why we keep hosting them.
05/23/2012 9:17AM
Why dont you guys listen to the ENITRE 20 minute clip instead of this couple minute bit that some producer put together. He is saying that the people of NO who run it do a great job of getting all of these events even though the city has very dangerous parts. His show is not catered to people who cannot think outside the box. His show is catered to people who dont mind thinking about the other side of things. Jeeze, relax folks.
05/23/2012 9:27AM
Ok, then, ...
let's see if he talks about the next host city and it's 'very dangerous parts'. EVERY city has very dangerous parts. And I'm sure the majority knows that so why does Coward need to say it?
05/23/2012 9:43AM
Put it in perspective.
I grew up in New Orleans, and was away for too many years (in 5 different states) before I could come home. All cities have neighborhoods that you should avoid. Some small towns don't because they don't have "projects", so their people who would cause trouble move to our "cities". I've been to San Francisco twice, and eaten in many restaurants there. Some are good, but compared to New Orleans, NO CONTEST! I can't begin to tell you how we feel about our Saints. You wouldn't understand, so there's no point. If someone doesn't want to live here, fine. We don't need you. If someone wants to live here and love our city like we do, we will welcome you with open arms.
05/23/2012 11:24AM
The one's who know the least, talk the most.
05/23/2012 11:24AM
This is Cowherd just being Cowherd
I listen to sports radio just about every morning, and Cowherd is my least favorite. The reason is that his style is to over react to situations and expand a specific instance across an entire spectrum. And once he gets a thought in his head, regardless of how well (or not) thought out or correct it is, he just keeps making the same point and expanding it more and more throughout the segment and the entire show. He has a distinct personality on the radio and I assume that is how he keeps his show. Because it certainly isn't his journalistic integrity. I'm sure if he catches wind of this article and the comments, he will spend some time railing against all the locals that "refuse to accept and believe the truth." He done it many times before and will do it many times again in the future. Because he is always right...
05/23/2012 11:27AM
Oh stop it...
Since when? Since when has it been hard to get to NOLA? Our airport might not be the best but I doggone sure bet it's not the worst either. He wants a lot of hotel rooms? Does he know one of the reasons we have these sporting events is because we have the hotel rooms? That's usually one of the requirements from the leagues when they're approving cities for these events. I'm sorry but I just don't care much for people talking nonsense. Too many of these guys get paid for talking nonsense.
05/23/2012 11:34AM
Cowherd just being Cowherd, part deux
He does have a legitimate point regarding the crime. It is a real problem. Having said that, the city does a fantastic job of making major sports events extremely safe, and not just for the area immediately surrounding the Superdome/New Orleans Arena, but for the entire downtown/French Quarter area. His comments about our airport are also true. It is second rate. The airport is in the process of making improvements, but in order to put the airport on par with the major ones in the city a complete overhaul and expansion would be required. And I don't think the city is a big enough city/market to warrant that. His comments about hotel rooms and weather don't make any sense and just aren't true. Is he worried that a hurricane will hit the city at the same time a game is scheduled to be played? If that is his concern, that just proves his ignorance. And speaking of ignorance, his comments about hotel rooms are beyond idiotic. Final comment from me. Why does New Orleans get more than its fair share of events? Because we host them better than anyone else. That isn't my opinion, that is the HIGH majority of opinions from people that actually attend events across the country. Combine that with the FACT that New Orleans offers more attractions (French Quarter, world class food, architectural diversity, etc etc etc) than just about any other city in the country, and it is a pretty tough combination to beat.
05/23/2012 11:48AM
Once a hater, always a hater...
Sure. New Orleans has some serious issues with crime but most of it is contained in certain neighborhoods. I'm a native and I've lived in other major cities. Can he honestly say that he would go to every single area L.A. or NYC by himself after 9pm? I feel safe walking around my beautiful city at all hours of day/night but I'm not stupid! There are areas of Paris I wouldn't walk through alone after 9pm! What an idiot. Sure, he's been here once for 2 days so he must be am expert on the issue. He needs to get his facts straight and if he wants a debate with someone who lives here, was born here and loves it here - I'm ready, Cowherd!
05/23/2012 12:01PM
Rod in Sacramento
Prayer is powerful. You should contact the Archbishop of New Orleans and all the other Christian leaders of the area. Call a time of fasting and prayer for the city and surrounding area and see what happens
05/23/2012 12:32PM
Never heard of the guy.
05/23/2012 12:44PM
Let's say 10 million Tourists for the last 30 years, and how many stayed for a JOB?
EXAMINE the FACTS. OK. Here are the facts. Let's say 10 million visitors a year for the last 30 years just for simplicity sake. With a declining population for the last 30 years, overall how many stayed after enjoying all New Orleans has to offer? ZERO TOURISTS DECIDED to STAY and LIVE/WORK in NOLA. That's right, if you have 10 million a year for say 30 years and declining population over the last 30 years, that means NOLA could NOT convince any of the last 300 million tourists/visitors to stay, live and work in NOLA.
05/23/2012 12:48PM
So you still think that there is no conspiracy against New Orleans. I do!
05/23/2012 12:56PM
Police protection bad - when was the last riot in New Orleans?
When the Saints won the Super Bowl - the city went ballistic, but no one rioted like they did in Chicago after 6 Bulls championships, Denver, etc. Our police are better at large crowds than anyone in the country.
05/23/2012 12:57PM
No more Schwegmann's, Maison Blanche, K&B, C's Pharmacy and long list of Local Favorit
Can someone tell me what NOLA has done to keep the local historic favorites businesses alive as opposed to archiving them to the History Channel and Public TV documentaries?
05/23/2012 1:02PM
New Orleans is too laid back (i.e. lazy) to riot.
Plus with all the Section 8, Mixed Income and public assistance, they have no reason to riot. NOW, however, if that welfare state was reduced or taken away, that's when the bleeding heart lawyers and black politician and ministers come out swinging. And you already saw that with the housing projects being torn down.
05/23/2012 2:34PM
Cowherd then just stay away
Cowherd just don’t know what he is talking about, Kristian has got it right. I think Cowherd and maybe ESPN is just has it out for New Orleans Saint, they don’t want them in the Super Bowl this year. Every city has the good, bad and the ugly, I was born in New Orleans, and have served In the Navy for 20 years and have been around the world a few times and every place I went had parts of the town you had to stay away from. The only other thing I could say to Cowherd is just don’t come to New Orleans, stay way we don’t need you. Andre
05/23/2012 4:00PM
Rod in Sacramento
You got maybe some that work for ESPN that are good like Gruden, but you got others that work for the EXTRA STUPID PROGRAMMING NETWORK!!!
05/23/2012 4:18PM
Rod in Sacramento
Gruden = Extra Smart Programming Network Cowterd = Extra Stupid Programming Network By the way Cowterd sounds pretty sensitive to me. We must be saying the truth!
05/23/2012 5:36PM
Loving nawlins
The town is very historical with many tours, sites and legends. The food is great. I have been going o New Orleans on a weekly basis for Magazine Street Shopping, French Quaters, Musicals/shows, mardi grad, and all the festivals. There isn't more to do in any other town. I have always felt safe. It is only shallow minds that only come out at night on Borbon Sreet and don't get out Bc they already have their mind made up! I'm 30 yr female and am never scared to be there. I think if you Colin wants to vent, get your Whinney story right. I have been to florida, ga, al, ms, tx coast, rockeys, ny, san Fran, and Disney (ha). New Orleans has something for everyone. Live Alitte Colin!!!!! Really???? Really tired of Espn! Colin should be fired. Or is this Espn's views???
05/23/2012 5:59PM
Lovin nawlins
And.... I bring my children here. For the zoo, Christmas in the Oaks, etc. as far as crime, how many were actually tourist? The numbers are as low as an other city. Unless you are near a driveby!!! Slim chance when you are that scared. Where des Drew Brees live? And as far as ppl coming back after Katrina, unless you were here you wouldn't understand. Some families didnt have money and lost everything. Bottom line, I guess Colin Coward didn't have anything else to talk about. Guess Espn needed to be in Nola headlines again. Im banning that stupid station!
05/23/2012 6:02PM
Boycott ESPN and Advertiser
Wrtie ESPN and tell them we will boycot espn and all the advertiser until they remove him from the airways
05/24/2012 1:04PM
Another doofus on the radio
Colin is just like the other dopes on the talk radio circuit at ESPN who are so stupid they would not know Wonder Woman if she showed in her work clothes. New Orleans is a wonderful town for having a good time unlike no other city in America. ESPN is an acronym for Everybody's Stupid Pinhead Network.
05/24/2012 4:17PM
New Orleans is Tops.
We host so many major events because we are the best at it. If New Orleans did not excel in so many areas that makes these events successful , they would not come back, period. But they do because we offer some of the best food in the world, the best night life and a great party atmosphere, numerous hotel accommodations, safety in the areas where the events are held, multiple attractions for families to do,(like the Audubon Zoo, Aquarium, Insectarium, Swamp tours, City Park and the list goes on and on) and O’ all of this in walking distance, or a short cab ride, of each other. Also, we are geographically located almost the center of the U.S, so not sure what he’s talking about here?? Just look at what New Orleans has hosted, successfully and without incident, in the last 7 months. Sugar Bowl, National Championship, Mardi Gras, Final Four, Jazz Fest, Zurich Classic, French Quarter Fest, hell even Navy week enjoyed a large crowd. All of this with tens of thousands of happy participants. Maybe Cowherd needs to experience a New Orleans hosted event like the rest of us and not as an elitist.
05/25/2012 1:23PM
Rod in Sacramento
All major cities have crime. In Sacramento you watch it on the news channels everyday. Occupy Oakland, they smash windows in businesses, trash cop cars, hit cops. It can be dangerous in any major city in any part of town at any time. You here idiots raping children. Don't just say New Orleans, it's all over.
05/26/2012 10:50AM
Be realistic Colin
Every city has its problems (including crime), and to flag New Orleans and Detroit is idiotic. I've probably been to more cities than you and ALL of them have issues, some keep it quiet and off of the news. I remember decapitations in the SF area in the 80s...never on the news but in fine print in the paper. Collin, you have the right to stay away from New Orleans and all of us in New Oleans have the right to change the channel whenever you come on. Don't know what's going on with ESPN and their sudden hate for the city but we do not need ESPN either. LSU and the Saints will just keep winning and you and ESPN and just keep whinning. Cheers, and oh yeah: "Laissez les bons temps roule"
05/29/2012 7:03PM
Rod in Sacramento
By the way I saw on the national news Chicago had 24 murders in 12 hours. You got bad everywhere. But, I like to emphasis that the Good far out number the Bad. Thank the Lord JESUS for that.
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