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Kristian: Brees spreads the credit for record & win

Following the historic night in the Superdome, I spoke with Saints quarterback Drew Brees.  And in typical Drew fashion, he was quick to praise the efforts of his teammates in getting the win over the Chargers.
In particular, he was glowing about the standout night by receiver Marques Colston.
"Yea, Marques had a great night...just one of those guys that when you need him, he's going to be there.  So dependable, such a tough guy.  Such a big night for him, passing Joe Horn as the all-time leading TD leader.  Well deserved a guy who means a lot to this team."
Brees also noted how RB Pierre Thomas helped fire up the ground attack, and how #23's energy is contagious.  "Here is just one of those guys, when you need a big play, you need a hard-nosed run, you get the ball to that guy, and he's going to make it happen.  It's been that way for a long time, he's really a mainstay in the backfield.
Drew also said that the roughing the passer call that came on the a play that otherwise would have been an interception served as strong motivation.
"Sometimes that'll jar you a little bit...get the competitive juices flowing.  Thankfully that happened, obviously if the guy doesn't hit me, I think I drop it over Marques for a big play.  They had gotten a couple of good breaks on their end...so I think that was just our way of getting a good break."
I also asked Brees about what it was like seeing Coach Sean Payton for the first time in months.
"It was awesome.  He's in pretty good shape, a little more rocked up than I remember. It was great to see him, it was great to have him in the building...I think he provided some positive mojo for us."
Click HERE to listen to my "Monday Morning Quarterback" interview with Drew Brees...

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10/08/2012 11:54AM
Kristian: Brees spreads the credit for record & win
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10/08/2012 12:23PM
DJ Drew Brees and the 3 Live Crew(Payton,Loomis,and Vitt) and the Saints finally win!
Congratulations to Drew Brees breaking Johnny Unitas'record last night!You are MY MVP QB forever!Plus,it was good to see Sean Payton,Mickey Loomis,and Joe Vitt at the Superdome last night.That was definitely a gamechanger.And finally..............THE SAINTS WIN A GAME!WHO DAT!
10/08/2012 1:53PM
I want to give props to Camarillo for coming in and having a nice game. He sure helped out a lot. Hope to see more of him too.
10/08/2012 8:32PM
Are there any other records Drew Brees could possibly surpass?
10/10/2012 2:03AM
Message to the Who Dat Nation
Who Dat Nation, I know most of are a bit surprised at our Saints slow start out the gate in the 2012 season. I can tell you this that for our team to go on a nice win streak it takes what I seen Sunday night...the Fans support as loud as they were helping the team's play w momentum. Granted they Saints play on the road vs Tampa on the 21st but we all know our team can put up points I just ask you don't give up on this team no matter what. A true Who Dat is measured not by being a bandwagon Saints fan only around when things are great but still screaming "who dat" when things are not going well as the 0-4 start we had... I am confident this team can play better and better on Defense and it starts w the pressure on the QB like we seen on Rivers....Its one game at a time... lets go to Tampa and get a Win...and go from there.... Who Dat...
10/10/2012 7:52PM
Terry Bradshaw Rant
My dad was a Terry Bradshaw fan when I was growing up. He always regretted how the Steeler Fans treated Terry after he left Pittsburgh. I did not realize until today how much of a total tool that Bradshaw really is. Terry, your time has passed. I guess you were the poster boy for a backwoods hick that no one ever really respected. Your current behavior about Drew Brees has not changed any minds. You sounded like a mean bitter old man who strikes out deluded by past glory.
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