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Kristian: Brees is ''willing to consider'' restructuring contract

In the wake of Tom Brady restructuring his contract to save the New England Patriots salary cap space and remain competitive, Saints fans have been wondering if Drew Brees would be willing to do something similiar to help out the Black and Gold.

I asked Drew today, "Since word of Brady restructuring his deal to save the Pats cap room, fans have been asking if you might be willing to do something similar?"

Brees responded via text, "I am always willing to consider anything that will help the team or the cap situation."  

The Saints are cash-strapped trying to get under the $121 million salary cap on or before the new league year begins on March 12th.  

Brees signed a record-breaking 5 year $100 million contract in the summer of last year.  Brees' salary cap figure is $17.4 million for the 2013 season, and escalates rapidly in the following seasons.  In 2014 it rises to $18.4 million, and in 2015 it skyrockets to $26.4 million, then to $27.4 million in 2016.  

So, do I think he will do it?  Well, Brees has never been a selfish player, and is driven to win.  His legacy has been about winning and getting back to the Super Bowl, not necessarly about his money.  If he should restructure his deal, he would not be giving up anything now or in the long-term.  We'll find out what happens in the next two weeks.

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02/27/2013 12:37PM
Kristian: Brees is ''willing to consider'' restructuring contract
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02/27/2013 12:56PM
What a phoney
Restructuring? Really? Didn't he just sign a new one last year? What a team player! Maybe he should've thought about that last year instead of allowing his agent to pump his head up. WHAT A TOOL!
02/27/2013 12:59PM
Trade a portion of his salary for ownership in the team
02/27/2013 1:05PM
You're an idiot!
"Restructuring? Really? Didn't he just sign a new one last year? What a team player! Maybe he should've thought about that last year instead of allowing his agent to pump his head up. WHAT A TOOL!" That's the dumbest thingI ever heard...gtfoh and go cheer for the Failclowns then moron!
02/27/2013 1:05PM
Easy to say the right thing but doing the right thing is what matters
Brees responded via text, "I am always willing to consider anything that will help the team or the cap situation." ...???? Like holding out on his team last season for record breaking money??? It's not what you say when all the microphones are pointed your way, it's what you actually do that shows who you are. Kinda late to be a "team player" after showing such selfish greed.
02/27/2013 1:17PM
Already done
Had Brees had the team in mind he would have taken the 90 million plus deal he was offered in 2012. Instead he forced the issue and we lost Carl Nicks and Robert Meachem. There also a good possibility they will lose Bushrod this year . While I respect Drew's ability his success is because of the system Payton runs, more than his ability. He struggled in San Diego and would struggle with any team that had a vertical passing offense. I think everyone saw last year, Drew cannot carry this team. What's done is done, but team will not recover in time to win it all again
02/27/2013 1:17PM
Believe it or don't
Had Brady not made his deal, it would have never entered the conversation with Brees. Just my oppinion!
02/27/2013 1:22PM
You guys are just dumb.
The GM said that he and Brees were negotiating the contract. The team held out with Brees if that's the case. You're welcome. It's not Brees' fault.
02/27/2013 1:34PM
@your an idiot!
To everyone that comains bout Bree's taking money last year. When you go for a job interview and they offer you .50 cents more then what you are making at your current job will you take it or you will talk buisness to the employer to give you. Full dollar or dollars? C'mon dude it's no longer about the sport it's about a paycheck. Hints all the pointless penities that take full contact out the equation... If I'm drew Bree's I'm squeezing everything I can out of Tom Benson because its a job and no one takes less then they feel they worth...
02/27/2013 1:43PM
Ignorant people
Not a person complaining on this page will take a job for less money. Why does everyone think because we watch these guys on tv and they make millions they any differant? They out there to make money for them and guess what. The saints organization is making a ton from tax dollars and from free Bree's and that show of offense. They have butts in the seats so drew is doing his job and he's getting paid for it. I used to get saints tickets given to me. Since Bree's got there the seats quadrupled in price. That's before drew signed this contract so don't use that lame excuse the seats are expensive to pay Bree's. seats r still the same price... The saints arm loosing money so why should Bree's worry bout saving them money? American dream seemed to fade in today's hypocrisy...
02/27/2013 2:31PM
short memories
Drew Bree's did a lot more for the Saints and New Orleans than some of you give him credit for. And why shouldn't he get what the Saints are willing to pay! He's one of the elite NFL QB's and it's a business after all. He has a talent that few have. Claim it's the system or whatever but why hasn't another QB come along and beat him out of his job! And if it's all the system why don't the Saints just go after any 3rd stringer like Brady Quinn or Tebow! Back to the old days of losing and hoping and bitching. Top QBs don't work for free and this is a capitalistic system. Glad he's the Saint's QB for sure!! Hope he stays here, too.
02/27/2013 2:36PM
Who are you people attacking Drew Brees about his contract and the money he is making?? Pretty simple: No Superbowl championship without Brees and no more without him until you get another great quarterback like him. I have no doubt that DB will work with the GM to do virtually anything within reason he can do to support this team. After all he is plenty wealth (and deserves to be) and is a true Saint and winner and he wants to win some more championships. So enough already with attacking Drew......geeez!! For those of you with your attitudes, find another team!
02/27/2013 2:41PM
R u kidding
Drew took what his agent knew he could get lol dumb people or just jealous of it lol the NFL makes money of more than just tickets an football games lol benson is a business man he if didn't think it was worth it he wouldn't have paid , so toall the jealous haters stfu hahaha
02/27/2013 3:21PM
Brees is the greatest
If you don't think Brees deserves his money, you haven't been a saints fan long enough. If you think he's just flourishing in Payton's system, why did he lead the league in TDs and yards this year? Why didn't Eli or Romo post those numbers in his system? #1 in yards, #1 completions, and #1 comp. % in a season. If you're a saints fan and you don't think he's the greatest, cheer for the Patriots.
02/27/2013 3:31PM
Drew Brees is a class act and shining star of our NFL franchise! Some forget the many long years of home game blackouts and low expectations.He is worth more to the Saints and the city than his salary reflects and if he chooses to restructure we should be grateful!
02/27/2013 4:36PM
Some Fans Will Never Be Satisfied...
Drew Brees is without a doubt the greatest person to ever put on a Saints jersey. For years quarterback problems have plagued the Black and Gold. Then the Saints took a chance on Brees after recovering from shoulder surgery. I believe Drew signed with the team for around $12 million for 5 years. Anyways, his success has far succeeded expectations, and it's only right that he get his money. That being said, I still believe pro athletes are paid entirely too much, but Drew needs to retire a Saint. This team will continue to be successful as long as he and Sean Payton are together. Whether you like or don't like his current contract, there's no denying that as long as #9 is under center, the Saints will be a contender. Last year was just a bump in the road, but I believe the Saints are climbing back up this season, and I believe Drew has at least one more Super Bowl in him, provided we can fix the defense and continue to surround him with talent. WHO DAT 4 LIFE!
02/27/2013 4:53PM
What Short Memories!!!
For all you fans bitching and moaning about Drew...You crazy!!! Where were you when we couldn't win against pee wee league teams!!! Drew is the face of this franchise and will be until he retires. He deserved the current contract and anything elsethat restructured for him!!! WHO DAT!!!
02/27/2013 6:13PM
He should
If our defense was respectable I would say, "Loomis keep slicing away but leave Brees alone ". But they need to cut Will, Vilma, and still restructure Brees for them to sign at least 2 good FA and commit this entire draft to the defense just to get back respectable.
02/27/2013 7:57PM
There are a lot more players on this team beside Brees., who unlike Drew, make way too much and are NOT PERFORMING up to those salaries! Lets address that before we talk about cutting our most reliable player's $. CAN U SAY HARPER.....
02/28/2013 1:02AM
Better start with the defense
It always did and still wins championships.
02/28/2013 6:15AM
Leave the man ALONE!
Drew deserves his money, Tha's it! And let's face it, had Drew taken less money last year, that didn't mean the Saints were going to give the difference to Nicks or any other player. The NFL is a business! NUFF SAID!!!!
02/28/2013 8:42AM
will he?
Evans, Colston, Grubbs, Hawthorne, ...true team players. Now let's see if Brees will hold out on his team again this year or do what's best for the team.
02/28/2013 2:39PM
The Saints should trade their 1st round pick for more draft picks.
Saints should trade our first round pick for the 49ers first round pick and one of the 49ers two second round picks.
03/09/2013 8:42PM
I see people don't understand salary the salary cap!!!!
If Brees restructure that does't mean he will get less money, it means he will get most of it in bonus money not if game salary!!!!
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