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Kristian: Tick Tick Tick goes the clock for Brees & the Saints

Kristian@wwl.com - July 16th is D-Day for the Saints and Drew Brees as the two sides try to hammer out a new contract.  Will it go down to the wire? I expect it to be pretty close.  The actual deadline is 3:00 p.m. on that Monday.  I don't think it will be at 2:59, but probably headed into that weekend before a deal is struck.  The Saints and Brees have too much to lose.  Both sides want a deal, and that's the most important part of the equation.  

With last week’s grievance going in the favor of Brees, it gives both sides a working guideline on numbers for a new deal.  Sure, things can always go wrong, but at the end of the day this deal will get done on or before the July 16ht deadline.  

The position Brees is in isn't exactly one of great power, and the Saints know public opinion isn't in their corner right now.  However, the Saints also know that Brees can't miss training camp and pre-season games.  It's not in his makeup to hold out and not sign the franchise tag tender that he would play under in 2012 if the Black and Gold and Drew don't work out a long term deal.  

I know it's been an anxious several months in Who Dat land, but the tensions will be deflated a bit, and a happier Saints organization and Brees is on the horizon.  I've been asked recently, "Do you think there will be any hard feelings between Brees and the Saints?"  No chance!  They'll kiss and make up once the deal is done.  In fact, I can hear it in the press conference right now.  "We have tremendous respect for one another and these deals just have a process."  I don't know who exactly will say that but I bet it will be something along those lines.  

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07/06/2012 10:50AM
Kristian: Tick Tick Tick goes the clock for Brees & the Saints
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07/06/2012 3:22PM
Interesting that you are speculating as to what he will say when(if) he agrees to a long term deal. Aren't you the same person that said a deal was going to be done in three days a month ago....maybe you should stop speculating at this point.
07/06/2012 3:53PM
Sign da Man
Dude, Kristian was right in reporting that less than a month ago, ESPN reported the same thing that Kristian reported 9 hours later. He was right saying that they were close to a deal. They are close to a deal 1.5 million is easy to close the gap.
07/06/2012 3:59PM
Just Stop!
He will sign when he signs! you have no idea! you said it would be done weeks ago! we you reported it ESPN John Claton said it wouldn't happen and he is in Seattle.
07/06/2012 5:17PM
Beat The NFL
Brees may be holding out due to the fact that he can contact Peyton while unsigned and work on the 2012 game plan. I would not be surprised if these two out smarted the league and Goodell.
07/07/2012 11:54AM
Players evidence
Fri. 7/6 you asked for evidence of the player innocence, the eye in the sky doesn't lie. Where is all the injuried players over the last 5 years. Show me the film. Show me the cheap shots. The film is my evidence.
07/07/2012 12:08PM
Rod in Sacramento
I would guess it will be done by the Friday before the dead-line. On another note on fairness of punishments. You have a guy like Suh of the Lions that you see kicking a Packer between the legs on TV that everyone watching could see. He gets suspended for 2 games. Need I mention Michael Vicks crime and suspension. Sean Payton 1 year. Vitt 6 games. Vilma 1 year. The Dictator Goodell is fair is a JOKE!
07/09/2012 7:24AM
Sign Brees
This is going to be a season of the saints shooting themselves in the foot on and off the field. I don't think they will sign him:((
07/09/2012 8:24PM
Aint's r back
0- 16 believe dat
07/10/2012 9:48AM
Take a deep breath
Just relax everyone the saints will sign Brees and the saints will make the playoffs. We have had one of the best off season for free agents signees since Drew Brees. We have all the pieces in place just need our leader and that is going to happen by the weekend. JUST RELAX EVERYONE AND TAKE A DEEP BREATH.
07/11/2012 1:31PM
The Saints Office Needs A Drug Screen
I Wonder How Many Other Teams Would Have Put A Talent Like Brees Through All This Unnecessary Bull, Loomis Must Be On Drugs Or Something For Dragging This Contract Out For So Long
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