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Kristian: Saints will have an edge to them in 2013

Kristian@wwl.com - The new league year begins on March 12th.  However, as far as the Saints are concerned, it’s already underway.
Following several Saints players on Twitter, you can see their excitement and enthusiasm for the upcoming season…Tweeting about their individual work outs, and wishing the season was right around the corner.  
The Saints begin their off-season training program in April, and Drew Brees says he can’t wait. "Absolutely.  We're all chomping at the bit.  Obviously excited to have Coach Payton back, and excited to get back to work.  I always look forward to that down time with the family, and I've taken full advantage of it, this last month or so.  But I cannot wait to get back to work when the time comes.” 
It’s a chance for normalcy, as for the first time in a year New Orleans won’t be talking bounties and appeals.  They’ll be talking X’s and O’s.   The rest of the league is squarely in the crosshairs of the team.  The Saints typically approach every season with urgency, but this one will be interesting to watch from the front row.  They’ve had a year to stew on the banishment of their head coach.  Sean Payton had a year to sit back and watch from afar and study the game from a different perspective.   To me, that spells trouble for the rest of the NFL.  I’m not saying the Saints are in the Super Bowl next season, I’m simply saying they won’t go 7 and 9. 
Defensive play-makers are high on the priority list for New Orleans this off-season.   However, they’re not far off.  A few pieces and this defense will be improved.   They don’t have to jump from 32nd in the NFL to 1st.  If Rob Ryan can get them into the teens, they’re a play off team.  It’s that simple folks.  
Another missing element of having Ryan in the mix is the competition that will make the offense better.  "I really look forward to it.  I've got a lot of respect for him and his schemes.  I've faced him a number of times...so, he's one of those guys, I like his swagger.  It seems like his defenses play extremely hard, and they do a lot of things.  They're very multiple in the things they can do defensively.  He seems to be very creative, and he's done a great job kind of incorporating the skills and talents of his defensive players into the scheme, wherever he's been,” Drew Brees told WWL’s SportsTalk hosts Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia.

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03/08/2013 10:09AM
Kristian: Saints will have an edge to them in 2013
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03/08/2013 10:38AM
If the Saints offense is ranked 3rd, and the defense is ranked 18th, the Saints will definitely make the playoffs. I hope Ryan can help our defense be a "middle of the road" defense.
03/08/2013 10:45AM
trade draft pick
Hopefully the Saints will trade one of their 5 running backs to another team for a draft pick. Ingram or Ivory should be both able to get us a 3rd or 4th round pick. We badly need defensive players.
03/08/2013 11:07AM
trade ingram
We could definitely get a 4th rounder for Ingram. We need all the draft picks that we can get...I say trade him.
03/08/2013 5:42PM
trade draft pick
We wont trade Ingram. People need to stop smoking and realize that he is not going anywhere. I would take Ingram over Ivory any day of the week. Ingram ran like he was suppose from the second half of the season to the end of the season. There is a reason why Ivory didn't play much....its called fumblitus. So do you really want a guy who fumbles the ball away in the backfield carrying the football (Ivory) or someone who rarely fumbles and started playing hard at the end of the season (Ingram)? You can simply get a 2nd round pick or more if you pare him up with Harper in a trade.
03/08/2013 7:51PM
crazy to trade ingram
title says it all we have a strong staple of backs unfortunetly the only one with trade value would be thomas sproles or ingram they all stay maybe you get a 4th or 5th for ivory but thats about it WHODAT
03/09/2013 1:10PM
Ingram has higher value
Ivory doesn't have as much value as Ingram. Ingram was a first round pick two years ago, but Ivory was undrafted. If the Saints trade anyone, it'll be Ingram. Ingram can get the Saints a 3rd or 4th round pick, but Ivory would only get us a 7th rounder.
03/10/2013 3:04PM
If they're going to make any trade
It should not be Thomas,Ingram,or Sproles......
03/10/2013 5:53PM
Pay cuts or goodbye
That goes for Harper, Smith and Vilma.
03/10/2013 7:11PM
Ingram at best is the 4th best rb on Saints, period!!
03/11/2013 12:11AM
Saint's are going nowhere if the defense doesn't show marked improvement.
End of story, but where do you get the players?
03/11/2013 7:37AM
trade Ingram
I agree that Ingram is the 4th best RB on the saints, that's why they should trade him.
03/12/2013 9:59PM
We have Sean back eneough said
Everyone stop worrying the man is back in town. Mr Peyton will make everything right. So stop stressing sit back and enjoy
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