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Kristian: As wild as the Saints-Falcons game was, it was typical

It was a game that went down to the wire, with the eventual division championship on the line, in just the first game of the season.  
Yeah, it was a typical Saints-Falcons game.  
Their last meeting a year ago also went down to the wire.  This was a brass-knuckles affair that was about what we expected.
The good:  The Saints defense was much improved, looked great on 3rd down, and were able to get pressure.  But, it’s one game.  I’ll wait to see if they continue the trend next week vs. Tampa.
The not-so-bad:  Drew Brees was not at his sharpest, but he did throw two TD’s.  There were also a couple of throws I think he wished he had back.   And, maybe his completion rate was not what we’re used to, but as Bobby said, there are a lot of teams that would kill for Drew Brees on a less-than-stellar day.
The ugly:  The Saints still have a problem with running the football, and there's going to be a point in this season where the ability to pass is taken away, and they need to turn to the running game.  It just wasn’t that effective today.  Beyond just having balance in the raw #’s of pass vs. runs, you also have to churn out some yardage on the runs.   
How loud was it?  It was pretty loud…When someone asked if it was the loudest moment in the last couple of years, to be honest, I thought the NFC Championship game final drive by the Vikings in the Dome was louder.  Still, it was right up there with one of the loudest Superdome atmospheres I’ve heard.
Watching a hero up close:   I was at ground-level to see Coach Sean Payton walk alongside Steve Gleason as Gleason rolled his wheelchair to center-field to bring on the Who Dat chant.  It more than tugs at the heartstrings to see the connection current and former players have maintained with Gleason.  It’s heartbreaking for us to see him like this, considering he was playing professional football less than a decade ago.  But, he’s an inspiration to a city that has been through so much.  His willingness to not give up is very much what this town is all about. 

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09/08/2013 7:28PM
Kristian: As wild as the Saints-Falcons game was, it was typical
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09/08/2013 7:54PM
Typical game for Ingram
9 rushes 11 yards - Chris Ivory please come home!
09/09/2013 7:09AM
Ivory had 10 carries for 15 yards with the Jets.
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