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Kristian: A great day for the Who Dat Nation

Five years, $100 million, $60 million over the first three years. Drew Brees is certainly deserving of this payday.

Now it's on to training camp, and positive news for a football team, organization, and fan base that has been seemingly pelted with negative news after negative news for months.

For Mickey Loomis, this was the most important contract he's ever negotiated, so no surprises that it took a while.  Months ago, you heard Mickey say that back at the Senior Bowl, and that they understood what Drew means to the Saints, and vice-versa.  

It's very good to see it all meld together with time to spare before the Monday deadline.

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07/13/2012 2:40PM
Kristian: A great day for the Who Dat Nation
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07/13/2012 3:53PM
christian is a...
troll troll troll
07/13/2012 5:34PM
What a day to celebrate
Was so glad to see the message that the deal was done. Now it's time to get ourselves settled and be prepared to get heckled over bounty gate. I never stopped being a Saints Fan, and will dance right through this one too.
07/13/2012 11:22PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
Great day for the WHO DAT NATION out here in CA. It will also be a great when we win the SUPERBOWL in NEW ORLEANS. BEAT the 49ers, Raiders and those idiots, The Atlanta FAILCONS. Spelled correctly F-A-I-L-C-O-N-S !!!!!!
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