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Krisitian: Giants will be too much for the Saints

Saints Lose?
Help wanted and needed: 

Have you ever seen one of those signs reading "help wanted" hanging in business?  Well, the Saints should have one at 5800 Airline drive, because they need a lot of it to get to the postseason.  At 5-7, The Saints do not control their own destiny and need a number of scenarios to play out in order to qualify for the tournament.  None the less, the Saints remain confident they can run the table starting with this Sunday against Eli Manning (above) and the New York Giants. 

The Saints are about as healthy as they've been... perhaps since training camp.  Offensive lineman Charles Brown (knee) and defensive back Corey White (knee) were the only two players that missed practice Thursday.  Safety Roman Harper (ribs) who was limited on Wednesday was "full go" Thursday.


The Saints have talked all week about getting pressure on Giants quarterback Eli Manning as a big key to getting the win over New York.  That won't be easy.  Manning has been sacked just 15 times this season. 

"He throws the ball off his back foot, and does a good job with it.  The ball is accurate and still on time.  You can see he's in sync with his receivers.  He's really tough to get to," Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins told me. 

Jenkins added that stopping the run will go a long way in slowing down the Giants.  New York averages 114 yards a game on the ground.  The Saints are giving up over 150 yards a game on the ground this season. What gives?


It's hard to describe the Giants as a desperate team with a 7 and 5 record and leading the NFC east division, but they are desperate.  The Redskins are hot on their tail, and their 3 game lead has evaporated to just 1.   The Giants are at home, they need the win to stay atop the division.  The Giants are favored by 4.5 points, and I like them to cover. 
New York 34 - New Orleans 28.
The Saints will fall to 5-8, albeit disappointing, it kind of makes sense when you look at what this team has had to deal with this season. 

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12/07/2012 10:19AM
Krisitian: Giants will be too much for the Saints
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12/07/2012 11:21AM
Well yeah
Watch live on sunday as a defense who has capable athletes make big plays and stops when needed.
12/07/2012 1:05PM
Who appointed this Phoney as the voice of our beloved Saints, nothing but opinions he forms from reading other actual sports journalists. Stop Garrick, just stop!!! This guy likes bringing turmoil to the Who Dat Nation to get people to read his jargon. He said when "Bounty Gate" dropped he was sure that it was true, really the voice of the saints cast the second stone WOW!!!
12/07/2012 2:04PM
Kristian has no clue
Yeah he also GUARANTEED a Saints win over Green Bay remember that? No real perception on the team just a fan who got to be on the sideline. How many journalism degrees you got hanging on the wall there Krissy?
12/07/2012 2:14PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
The key here is match-ups and no question the Saints match up well against the Giants. Kristian: a good thing you are betting major money on this because you are dead wrong. Saints 42 Giants 24. Live and Learn.
12/07/2012 2:16PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
Correction: A good thing you are not betting Major Money. Because you would no question loose it.
12/07/2012 2:19PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
You got lucky last week and it took 5 interceptions by Drew for that to happen. Don't count on luck striking again for You. Saints are due for a big game.
12/07/2012 2:48PM
Bayou Saint
you mean im not the only one that thinks garrick is a turn coat, this guy got to go!!
12/07/2012 2:51PM
"Help Wanted"
WWL needs to have that sign up for a new sideline guy that knows the game and supports the black and gold. It's a travesty that he represents us, I bet he's not even from Louisiana.
12/07/2012 3:05PM
Kristian's reply to job posting 3 years ago
My name is Kristian and I'm applying for the sideline reporter position. I didnt actually play sports in high school/college, however, I do watch ESPN's First Take daily to get the information I want to write about in my blogs.....oh and I didnt start watching The Saints until week 10 of the 2006 season.
12/07/2012 3:17PM
Keep drinkin that Who Dat Kool Aid
Gaint's will put up at least 30 points on Aint defense. What's new?
12/07/2012 3:40PM
Osi, justin, peirre, rocky....
Wow. Look now to read about ignorant fans turn on anybody. Mainly because their favorite team did not care about the quality of selected defenders. Superbowl? Ha! The no saints money is as good as the next man's. So I hope to see some of them in attendance.
12/07/2012 3:42PM
Osi, justin, jason, rocky...
Wow. Look now to read about ignorant fans turn on anybody. Mainly because their favorite team did not care about the quality of selected defenders. Superbowl? Ha! The no saints money is as good as the next man's. So I hope to see some of them in attendance.
12/07/2012 3:48PM
Kristian and Hokie are against the Saints
Kristian and Hokie are against the Saints this week. That means it's almost a lock!
12/07/2012 3:49PM
Who Dat Fan For Life
Saints are going to go into Giants Home and beat the heck out of them. Then we will beat Tampa, Dallas and finish at home against Carolina. Saints are gonna crush all their playoff dreams. Who Dat
12/07/2012 3:59PM
Drew Brees
If Brees plays like the great QB he is Saints win this one 31- 27
12/07/2012 7:54PM
Saints are losers!
Kill the messenger huh. Kristian is being too nice. Saints will get slaughtered.
12/07/2012 8:46PM
Luv dem Saints!
I'm the biggest "Who Dat" of dem all!! But let's be honest... Kirstian calls it like he see's it... & so should the rest of U!!! Brees has tried to do more than necessary... It's even to the point of "Stupid" sometimes... That Def has gotten better which is great, but together they've put us in the hole with almost no way out! At $20 mil a year, I wouldn't be too happy with my QB if he's doing some of the Dumb throws I'm seeing... U simply can't build a def with all the money going to the other side of the ball! A Ruined Season... & so was last season! ;(
12/07/2012 10:52PM
Rod Guidry In Sacramento
Anti-Saints definition: One who sits on an extremely weak seat in an out-house and with a big smile on his or her face anxiously awaits the results.
12/07/2012 10:56PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
Note for you dummies: Anti-Saints definition includes all you Saints haters and especially Atlanta FAILCONS fans.
12/07/2012 11:02PM
Rod Guidry in Sacramento
Hokie and Kristian always seem to look at the glass as half empty. I look at it as half full. Saints 42 Giants 24!!!!!
12/09/2012 9:29PM
Hokie said it was Pathedic, Joe Buck said it different,With about 1:47 left in the 3rd quarter, the unsensitive Mr. Joe Buck announced when Mr. Jernigan ran back the Saints kick 60 yards, that "Saints Special Teams Coach Greg McMann Must be ready to jump off a building" Unsensitive to the recent Events related to the NFL.Joe Buck Got To Go! The Officiating was once again Lopsided!Go ahead and Bash the Saints, Godell got to come to New Orleans for the SuperBowl, Don't forget that Who Dat Nation!!
12/09/2012 10:55PM
Time to rest starters and evaluate future players
Time to rest starters and evaluate future players. Drew should be benched the rest of the season to prevent injury. Let Chase Daniel start the rest of the season. Give him real game experience for the future or trade purposes. Play sparingly some of our other star players. All the dead wood needs to be cut. We need film on the young players for Sean Payton to evaluate. If Roger Goodell complains about competitive balance for the Saints remaining games, we need to tell him, the Saints organization is far beyond that little bit of fun.
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