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Posted: Thursday, 03 October 2013 3:15PM

Karen cause for concern, but shouldn't be catastrophic

With Tropical Storm Karen expected to come too close for comfort, city of New Orleans officials say it's time to get ready.

City officials say they aren't expecting anything too serious.
"It looks like it's not going to be an event where we would ask for an evacuation of our citizens," said Col. Jerry Sneed, director of New Orleans Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness.

But he said residents need to be prepared:"Need to have water, need to be prepared for possibly losing electricity."

If Karen comes this way, it will likely be a strong tropical storm,maybe even a category one hurricane. But Col. Sneed says this one shouldn't hang around as long as Isaac did last year.

"Each storm is different," he said.  "We learn."

Sneed says they have already touched base with Entergy, as residents hope to avoid going days without power, as many did after Hurricane Isaac.

"I am very confident Entergy is ready to go," Sneed said.  "Hopefully we don't lose power, but can get it back up quickly if we do."

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