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Jordan: Does Aaron Brooks belong in the Saints Hall of Fame?

Aaron Brooks, who played for the Saints from 2000-05, was elected to the Saints Hall of Fame – along with former kicker John Carney.

A lot of Who Dats were surprised by the announcement, wondering, "Does Aaron Brooks REALLY belong in the Saints Hall of Fame?"


Now, many will disagree; but his numbers don't lie:

Completions: 1563     Attempts: 2771     Completion %: 56.4   

Passing Yards: 19156    Passing TDs: 120    Interceptions: 84   

Interception %: 3.0

Where does he rank compared to other Saints QBs of yore?

Counting only quarterbacks who had at least 500 pass attempts, Brooks ranks 3rd all-time in passing yards; 5th in completion percentage (4th if you only include those

QBs had at least 600 pass attempts); 2nd in passing TDs; 2nd lowest INT%; and 3rd in QB rating.

Those are some pretty darn good numbers.

Oh yeah, he also threw 4 touchdown passes in the Saints first playoff win.

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05/21/2014 7:15AM
Does Aaron Brooks belong in the Saints Hall of Fame?
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05/21/2014 7:50AM
He was garbage. I have no respect for the Saints Hall of Fame any more.
05/21/2014 8:09AM
He is definitely not the best quarterback to date, but, with the bad losing history of our Saints up to this era, if you managed the Saints Hall of Fame too critically, there would be no one in it!
05/21/2014 9:22AM
I Agree
I am not the biggest Aaron Brooks fan in the world and the last couple of years were very hard to watch, but you can't discount how important that first playoff win is to the organization and the fanbase, I remember how ecstatic I was after that win, I remember Mr. Benson dancing in the Superdome. That whole season was amazing and Aaron Brooks in particular was amazing that season and game, without him we don't win our first playoff game until Payton and Brees come along, and he was very very good the following season. You really have to look at his whole body of work and not just the end
05/21/2014 12:15PM
Don't agree
He was terrible quarterback!! Don't think he should be in the hall of fame at all !
05/21/2014 1:08PM
Oh Yeah I Agree!
Everybody loved Aaron Brooks until Jim Hasslet decided not to pull an injured Aaron Brooks in favor of Jake Delhome. Then the radicals began boo, belittle, discredit and even hate Aaron. I truly believe this undeserved harsh treatment affected his play and maybe his career. I wonder if the Saints HOF without an apology is enough after all he had to endure.
05/21/2014 3:01PM
No! He was NOT in the top 10 QB's for the Saints. He was not even the best quarterback on the squad when he played!
05/21/2014 6:00PM
Close Call, but Yes!
I don't understand what the heck Freightguy is saying! If you compare Brooks to Brees & Co. then there are almost NO OFFENSE Saints players in their Hall! But if you compare him the Saints players 25 yrs before him, he's certainly a worthy candidate... I guess Freightguy and all the other "NO's" have a short memory or they're just H _ _ _ _ S!
05/21/2014 6:05PM
Why Not?
Stats don't lie...he most definitely deserves to be there , the one I would be questioning is Carney , what the hell did he do for the Saints that stood out so much?
05/21/2014 6:42PM
Hey Why Not?! Get real!
This is why John Carney should be in the Saints Hall of Fame: Carney holds the record as the Saints most accurate field goal kicker, connecting on nearly 83 percent of his attempts. NFL records: Most games with 6 or more field goals in a career: 2 - tied with Gary Anderson, Jeff Wilkins, and Jim Bakken Most games with 6 or more field goals in a season (1993): 2 Most games with 5 or more field goals in a career: 11 Most games with 4 or more field goals in a career: 29 Most decades played: 4 (1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s) - tied with George Blanda Career highlights and awards: 2× Pro Bowl (1994, 2008) 3× All-Pro (1990, 1994, 2008) Super Bowl Champion (XLIV) Who Dat?!
05/22/2014 7:12AM
Brooks is atraitor
Brooks probably threw more games than a two year old throws tantrums. He was a traitor to the team and the fans. I absolutely think it is unethical to put a traitor like that in the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame!
05/22/2014 7:14AM
note to wwl
You need to get your word filters fixed. Used no profanity but how the word l o s e r is seen as profanity is beyone me. After all we're talking about Aaron Brooks
05/22/2014 3:45PM
HOF means nothing
This is an insult to all the players who deserve to be there. One stat you left off - most backward passes!
05/23/2014 2:48PM
I really disliked him toward the end of his tenure here, but it is a no brainer that he belongs in the Hall of Fame for passing the milestone of the Saints first playoff win. If not for Brooks, we would not have even made the playoffs that season. I even remember hearing Superbowl talk that year because of Brooks. That said, he certainly went downhill following that year.
05/24/2014 8:11PM
Polk High
Put #33 Al Bundy in the Hall Of Fame....
05/27/2014 11:42AM
We have become spoiled with Payton and Brees. Every one of you just like me was on the Aaron Brooks bandwagon when he started winning after Jeff Blake got hurt. He won us our first playoff game and had a solid second season as a starter. No doubt he was horrible at the end, should of been sat in favor of Delhomme. If this happens we may never get Brees and win a Super Bowl. Hell he should be in the hall of fame for that .LOL
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