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Jordan: LSU players could hear name early in the draft

LSU hasn't had a player selected in the first round of the NFL Draft since 2014, but the two year drought will likely come to an end this year. NFL Network analyst and draft expert Daniel Jeremiah released his Top 50 prospects for the 2017 draft, and the LSU Tigers are well-represented at the top.

Many may think star running back Leonard Fournette is the top Tiger prospect, but defensive back Jamal Adams actually takes that honor, with Jeremiah ranking him as the #4 player in the draft. Jeremiah highlights his "ideal size, versatility, and explosiveness" and predicts Adams "will be a tone-setter for an NFL defense…"

Leonard Fournette comes in shortly after Adams at #6. Fournette had a nagging ankle injury for much of his junior season, but NFL evaluators don't seem concerned by it. Jeremiah doesn't mention it once. He does, however, emphasize Fournette's all-around skill set. The back excels at running, blocking, and catching; and Jeremiah thinks "he can be a workhorse back immediately."

With players like Patrick Peterson, Tyrann Mathieu, Eric Reid, and more, LSU can easily make a claim for DBU; and the resume should get some padding in this year's draft. In addition to Jamal Adams, cornerback Tre'Davious White also makes the list, coming in at #19. Jeremiah extols the four year starter's athleticism and physicality and says "his best football is ahead of him."

• #4 Jamal Adams
• #6 Leonard Fournette
• #19 Tre'Davious White
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