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Posted: Friday, 08 August 2014 6:13AM

Jindal running despite poor presidential polling

Louisiana Governon Bobby Jindal is scheduled to be in Iowa today and tomorrow, his third visit to the important presidential primary state in recent months.

Early polls show muted interest in Jindal's aspirations, a recent CNN poll even put him outside the top 7 candidates. Political analyst Bernie Pinsonat says that outside opinions will not sway the governor.
"He's going to run, he thinks he has a chance, and what we think here in Louisiana, I don't think he's listening to," said Pinsonat.

Along with a September trip to New Hampshire, another early primary state, this weeks trip to Iowa may show that Jindal is increasing his interest in the race. Pinsonat says the early primary states are highly influential for candidates looking to break through.

"It's about these other states, and if Jindal is getting good vibes and feedback, you'll see Jindal continue."
The governor says he will not make any calls on a presidential run until after the november elections have concluded. Pinsonant says if Jindal declares, he could be in it for the long haul.
"He's on the ground in these states, and he'll continue until he runs out of money, or he loses two or three states."

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