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Posted: Wednesday, 19 February 2014 8:13AM

Jindal down, Vitter up in new poll

Louisianans seem to be tiring of Governor Bobby Jindal, but a new poll shows they are also warming up to the idea of "Governor David Vitter."

The Public Policy Polling survey of 600 likely voters in Louisiana finds Jindal's disapproval rating at 53 percent. It is a significant shift in voter opinion, says Public Policy's Tom Jensen.

"Just four years ago, in the wake of the oil spill, Governor Jindal was one of the most popular governors in the country and now he's settled into a position where he's one of the least popular governors in the country," said Jensen.

Jindal has often said that he doesn't base his policies on opinion polls.  But Jensen says based on their poll's results, it appears even Louisiana Republicans are down on the governor.  Jensen said 51 percent of likely Republican primary voters in Louisiana do not want Jindal to run for president.

"So that's a concern: if people don't like you in your own home state, how can you expect them to like you in Iowa and New Hampshire and those kinds of places," Jensen said.

But the results shouldn't be interpreted to mean the state's voters are less conservative, either. Jensen says their survey also looked ahead to the 2015 governor's race and finds conservative Republican David Vitter is in good position to be Jindal's successor.
"Fifty-one percent of voters approve of him, only 33 percent disapprove," Jensen said of Vitter's numbers.  "In hypothetical match-ups with Democrats Mitch Landrieu and John Bel Edwards, Vitter is up by double digits."
Republican Lt. Governor Jay Dardenne has also indicated he'll run for governor in 2015. But Jensen says as it stands now, Vitter would win in a run-off against Dardenne.


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