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Posted: Friday, 11 July 2014 1:29PM

Jindal asks for extradition of Bourbon St. murder suspect

The extradition proceedings for Bourbon St. shootings suspect Trung Le are underway. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed the warrant Thursday.

"The fugitive stands charged with the crime(s) of one count of first degree murder and nine counts of attempted first degree murder," the document reads. It asks Mississippi's governor to turn the suspect over to a representative of the Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office.

Deputy U.S. Marshall's took Trung Le into custody early July 4 near Gulfport. The suspect refused to waive extradition proceedings, requiring the governor's office to make the formal request.

Police believe at least two suspects exchanged gunfire June 29, wounding bystanders in the crowd, one of them fatally, before fleeing the scene. Police believe Trung Le fired the first shot.

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