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Posted: Tuesday, 09 July 2013 7:34AM

Jindal: No, I am not running against Mary Landrieu

Bobby Jindal is trying to put an end to some speculation started after a political commentator suggested running for U.S. Senate against Democrat Mary Landrieu is a better option for the term-limited Louisiana governor than attempting a 2016 presidential bid.

Jindal himself now says he has no interest in running for the senate next fall, when Landrieu is up for reelection.  Jindal's term as governor ends the year after that, and political analyst Clancy DuBos says there's no real hurry for the Republican to run for something else.

"Ronald Reagan didn't get elected president 'til he was in his seventies, so if nothing else, time is on Bobby Jindal's side," DuBos said.

DuBos says Jindal probably doesn't want to risk a bruising political fight with Landrieu when he can ride out his term as governor and plan his next move.

"I don't think it's a big surprise," DuBos continued.  "I think he was wise to make this announcement at this time to end the speculation."

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