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Posted: Wednesday, 12 February 2014 7:28PM

Jenkins talks about defending Nagin

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is now awaiting sentencing on 20 convictions for public corruption. Nagin's attorney Robert Jenkins told WWL's Angela Hill, "We did our best." He indicated, however that he likely will not handle the next round: "The attorney that did the trial, probably should not do the appeal." 

FULL AUDIO: Jenkins talks to Angela & Nagin trial roundtable

Did Jenkins try to convince Nagin to take a plea bargain?

"You always have those conversations... you always give them the best advice that you can," he explained.

Jenkins explained, however, that he couldn't address specifically if he urged Nagin to cut a deal.

What about Nagin's decision to take the stand?

Jenkins told Angela, "Ultimately it's the client's decision"

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