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Jahri Evans signs, Carl Nicks not optimistic of deal


Ahead of Tuesday's start of NFL free agency, the Saints and offensive lineman Jahari Evans agreed to terms on a restructured contract. Meanwhile, however, fellow lineman Carl Nicks told me today that he is disappointed that it appears the Saints are "moving in another direction."

The Saints diverted Evans' base salary into a signing bonus to clear about $2 million in cap space. The Saints also agreed to terms with defensive end Turk McBride, though terms of that deal were not disclosed.

Nicks spoke with me this afternoon on Sports Talk, and it sounds like the all-pro gaurd is on his way out of New Orleans.

CLICK HERE to listen to my conversation with Carl Nicks...






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03/09/2012 5:24PM
Jahri Evans signs, Carl Nicks not optimistic of deal
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03/09/2012 5:55PM
Cant be greedy when there is no offer to turn down
From listening to Carl's interview, it sounds like the Saints have not even tendered an offer. How can he be greedy when they have not even given him an offer to refuse. This breaks my heart and I could hear it in his voice that he wants to stay, but as as he says, he has not heard one word from the front office. What does that tell you? They are looking in another direction. They are wrong if they think they can draft another Nicks. Brees will not be as effective if he doesn't have Nicks to guard him. Billy Kilmer used to say, it's hard to throw a ball when you are flat on your back.
03/09/2012 6:58PM
Feel bad for carl
i think the saints are putting all their eggs in Drew's basket..Drew's success is dependent on his offensive line and his wide receivers.
03/09/2012 7:02PM
Agree on both sides, however.
2 things here: 1) Carl, congrats and I would do the same thing in your position. However! 2) Carl, please do not fault the Saints for not resigning you, why?? No team would pay 2 people at 2 different position being the highest paid player for that position. This would handicap the team. Now you feel the "business" side of football.
03/09/2012 9:12PM
but didn't he say...
he wanted to be the highest paid guard in the league? maybe the saints haven't made an offer for him to refuse because they know they can't match "highest in the league". I really hope that was all just talk and that they are doing all this restructuring of contracts to get money to make him a really good offer, one that will satisfy him, even if he's not the highest, especially since it seems he does want to stay. I know I would hate to see him go. He has stated - and this is one of the reasons I'm a big fan - is that he takes protecting Drew personnally. You gotta love a guy with that kind of mindset on your front line.
03/10/2012 8:43AM
Good luck Carl. Appreciate all your hard work. The math doesn't work and that is the business. We survived Goodwin leaving, Brown leaving, we will survive this.
03/11/2012 10:26PM
Time for you to go
I don't think he would have been franchised even if Drew had signed early enough. It would have cost them too much. A team can't afford to pay a pair of guards that much money. The Saints have lived by the "next man up" philosophy for years, and it's worked out well. I think the same happens here.
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