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Posted: Tuesday, 17 December 2013 2:28PM

How would you celebrate winning $636 million?

Tonight, someone could score more than a half-billion dollars in less than a minute -- the time it takes the Mega Millions lottery to draw its winning numbers.  So let's say you're an overnight multi-millionaire -- now what do you do?

For some, 'tis the season for generosity:

"I'd give my parents a house or something," said one local man.

"If I had that type of money, I'd probably help the homeless, ex-prisoners, ex-cons, guys just coming home from prison," said another.

Listen to how would-be zillionaires would spend their money:

Others tell us they'd keep it as low-key as possible, and try and avoid any "long-lost relatives" who come to find them.

"I'd probably hide with three or four bodyguards, that's about it!" said one prudent player.

"I'd go see parts of the world I never saw," said another man.  "All of them."

"Go on a vacation somewhere," one woman said, and "just live!"

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