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Posted: Friday, 10 May 2013 6:26AM

Hornets gear not likely to become collectable

Don't expect that old Hornets gear in your closet to put a buzz in your bank account.

Now that the team is the Pelicans, it doesn't look like there'll ever be much of a market for Hornets stuff among sports memorabilia collectors.

"And the reason is, from their inception here in New Orleans, they really were never a real winner," says Mark Channing. owner of Markman Sports Cards and Collectables in Metairie.

"In order for your items to really go up in value, you have to have championships," he says.

So, don't look at those Creole Blue and Mardi Gras Gold items as an investment.

"If you want your items to be worth money, buy a team that's going to win championships," says Channing.

"On a sentimental level, for New Orleans people, I think Hornets stuff is a cool item to have. But, on the longevity of the items, and will they be worth a lot of money? Probably not."

Individual players also tend to only have value if they were winners, says Channing.

"You have some players that were quality players...as with the Saints, you have Archie Manning and some older players. With the Oilers, you have Ken Stabler or Earl Campbell or Warren Moon...those are great players and Hall of Fame players. Their items do hold a value, but no where near the value of a champion like a Joe Montana or a Terry Bradshaw. Those guys are put into a higher tier and their items will always be worth more money because they won championships."

He says, even if Chris Paul goes to the Hall of Fame one day, don't look to cash in on his stay here in New Orleans.

"His stuff will always hold a value, because...unlike a guy like Baron Davis, who's not liked as much in this city...Chris Paul is a liked individual. But, again, if he doesn't win a championship, he's just a great player who came and went."

"Saints items were low priced for such a long time. We won the championship and what happens? Drew Brees' autographs and all these players who were involved, their price goes way up. And why? Because they won a championship."

All this is not to say you should throw your Hornets stuff away, says Channing...even though its only value will likely be sentimental.

"Those are items you just want to hold onto, as a New Orleanian, and just enjoy them and remember the history."

Bittersweet though it may be.

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