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Posted: Monday, 14 April 2014 12:40PM

Heroin crackdown on the Northshore

A major Heroin crackdown was announced today on the Northshore by a multi-agency task force.   Federal agents operating with local police arrested 35 suspects since February.

Slidell Police Detective Daniel Seuzeneau says when the pain pill market started to dry up,  users turned to Heroin.

''Pain pills are now harder to get due to some new laws that were passed and Heroin unfortunately is a cheaper alternative,'' he said.

Slidell Police Detective Daniel Seuzeneau:

DEA agent Debbie Weber says for users, overdoses can lead to death because they don't know what they're getting.

''The drug dealers that are selling this poison, you don't know what they're mixing it with,'' said Weber who compares injecting Heroin to Russian Roulette.

Some of the suspects arrested range in age from 17 into their forties.

Here is a list of all those arrested:

1.      Jessica Bowen        W/F    26yr        Abita Springs
2.      Melissa Fluharty    W/F    36yr        Pearl River, LA
3.      Thomas Comeaux        W/M    31yr        Slidell, LA
4.      Shane Champagne        W/M    41yr        Slidell, LA
5.      Jeremy Oakes        W/M    29yr        Slidell, LA
6.      John Tyler        W/M    24yr        Slidell, LA
7.      Grant Bennett        W/M    35yr        Slidell, LA
8.      Roland Lowery        W/M    35yr        Slidell, LA
9.      Stephen Trosclair    W/M    23yr        Lacombe, LA
10.    William Hollaway    W/M    27yr        Slidell, LA
11.    Lacey Wans        W/F    17yr        Slidell, LA
12.    Jonathan Marino        W/M    19yr        Slidell, LA
13.    Jacob Beckenford    W/M    19yr        Slidell, LA
14.    Montse Adams        W/F    18yr        Slidell, LA
15.    Aaron Groseclose    W/M    28yr        Slidell, LA
16.    Chad Burraco            W/M    27yr        Slidell, LA
17.    Troy McClain            W/M    36yr        Slidell, LA
18.    Jeffery Smith        W/M    36yr        Pearl River, LA
19.    Christopher Burns       W/M    22yr        Slidell, LA
20.    Philip Stockstill    W/M    30yr        Carriere, MS
21.    Chase Lee        W/M    24yr        Picayune, MS
22.    Craig Staples        W/M    33yr        Slidell, LA
23.    Gino Crucia        W/M    35yr        Slidell, LA
24.    Bridget Weaver        W/F    39yr        Pearl River, LA
25.    Megan Jackson        W/F    31yr        Talisheek, LA
26.    Jude Schuler        W/M    25yr        Slidell, LA
27.    Clarence Marshall    W/M    44yr        Pearl River, LA
28.    Timothy Butler        W/M    30yr        Gulfport, MS
29.    Jeffrey Necaise        W/M    36yr        Biloxi, MS
30.    Kimberly Keelean    W/F    37yr        Biloxi, MS
31.    Kenya Addison        W/F    30yr        Gulfport, MS
32.    David Blache        W/M    54yr        Bay St. Louis
33.    Kenneth Chaney        B/M    22yr        Slidell, LA
**Distribution of Heroin / Illegal Possession of Weapons**
34.    David Warren Jr.    B/M    23yr        Slidell, LA
**Distribution of Heroin**
35.    Destinee Warren        B/F        21yr        Slidell, LA
**Distribution of Heroin**

Unless otherwise noted, all individuals were arrested for Possession of Heroin and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia


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