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Posted: Friday, 09 May 2014 8:34AM

Happy Mother's Day? Louisiana ranks at the bottom for working moms

Women make up a huge part of the workforce and working moms are a huge percentage of that number.  

When you break it down state by state, however, Louisiana ranks at the bottom in terms of working moms. That's according to a study by WalletHub.com

Elise Chatelain at the University of New Orleans says one reason is Democratic-leaning states have always seemed to be more friendly to working moms than Republican states.

"Blue states are more friendly to working moms, red states are not," said Chatelain.

She also points out it comes down to government funding, which varies state by state. Chatelain says states have kind of been divided along "red and blue" lines.

Chatelain said we see that division more and more in recent years, and that is the underlying explanation for the vast differences.


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