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Geller's CP3 Update: Hornets appealing quashed trade

ESPN NBA columnist Marc Stein is reporting that the Hornets, as well as the Lakers and Rockets, are appealing to the league for Commissioner David Stern to reverse the decision to kill the trade that would have sent Chris Paul to L.A. 

There is no indication yet that the Commish is prepared to reverse course after taking the dramatic step of blocking the league owned Hornets' decision to deal Paul to the Lakers.

The primary argument being presented to the league office for allowing the deal to go through is that the NBA's decision would basically force New Orleans to keep CP3 for the rest of the season, despite the fact that he can opt out of his contract and become a free agent July 1 and leave the Hornets without compensation.

Essentially, why would any team risk trying to broker a deal with New Orleans now if it's going to be shot down and create an awkward situation with players involved in the proposed trade?

Stay tuned to WWL for the latest…Sound off below!  Do you think the league and leage owners should allow the trade? 

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12/09/2011 10:55AM
Geller's CP3 Update: Hornets appealing quashed trade
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12/09/2011 11:30AM
If the league is running the team then it has to do what is best for the team,,not the league. If this trade is good for the team then they must let it go thru. If not the hornets or done in new orleans
12/09/2011 12:13PM
Doesn't make sense
If the Lakers are willing to trade Odom and Gasal for CP3, then why don't they just trade those two to the Hornets. Why must we get Odom and some scrub players from Houston? And why does Houston have to be involved at all. Just give us Odom and Gasal. Looks like the Lakers and Houston will benefit the most from the trade and N.O. will get screwed.
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