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Geller: I still can't believe the Saints lost

I'm still in disbelief about what happened Saturday in San Francisco. The reality of the Saints season being over has not yet set in for me and seeing the Giants beat the Packers made things even worse.

I began daydreaming what an NFC Championship game versus Eli Manning and the G-Men would be like in the Superdome, who New Orleans would end up playing from the AFC and beating in the Super Bowl in Indianapolis... and then the thought of a repeat-dat in the Superdome next year!

Alas, it was only just a dream because the harsh reality is that IT'S OVER ROCK!  Done, finished, adios...no more Saints football until training camp (sigh).

There might be a new sheriff in town by then running the Fleur De Lis D according to some reports.  ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter - along with a few others - are reporting Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams is a gone pecan.  It's being said that Williams will be taking his talent to St. Louis to be with good friend and new Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher.  The two worked together from '97-2000 in Houston/Tennessee.

After losing to the Niners, many of our callers are willingly opening the door for Gregg Williams to leave.  I know the saying "what have you done for me lately", but the man was a huge part to the 2009 Super Bowl championship.  Maybe I'm being too loyal.

Some possible replacements have already been suggested, if Williams does decide to bolt.  Former Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnuolo, Miami Defensive Coordinator Mike Nolan, and former Jaguars Head Coach Jack Del Rio.

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01/16/2012 1:55PM
Geller: I still can't believe the Saints lost
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01/16/2012 10:28PM
Sick to my Stomach
I'm still waiting to wake up from the Nightmare Saturday Night. I know it happened but I still can't believe it. And to add to my heartache the Giants beat the Packers which would have meant we would be hosting the NFC Championship game next Saturday .... It's just a shame ....
01/17/2012 2:13PM
Your loyalty is in the right place
I completely agree, while its easy to look for a place to put the blame after such a heartbreaking loss, Saints fans MUST give kudos to Gregg Williams, for playing a HUGE role in giving us our 1st Superbowl In History. I mean come on we had a terrible franchise for years, if we got through that, we can get through this, and without spitting on Gregg Willaims. I don't know, i just hate to see such a important part of ourTeams success get "booed" after a Great season.
01/18/2012 1:36PM
bad friend!!!!
It made me so mad to see alex smith and vernon davis march down the field with 1:40 remaining. That says alot about our defense. Thanks greg but we need a pass rush not a blank blitz.
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