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Garland: If we want to 'close the border,' someone tell me how!

As the war over illegal immigration heats up, we hear more and more calls for "closing the border.”  

These calls follow years of both sides saying we couldn't build a 650-mile fence on our southern border. So once again the question is; if we want to close the, border how do we do it?

To try to get some answers we called FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) Spokesman Bob Dane and Center for Immigration Studies Executive Director Mark Krikorian.

How did we get here?

Like many pundits and analysts, Bob agreed right off the bat that Obama has not done enough to secure the border, but added "our lax enforcment goes back several administations,  left and right... but when the President took office he took about the task of sytematically dismantling most interior and perimeter enforcement to such an extent that we find ourselves living in a bizarre new world of thinking about immigration enforcement.. simply violating immigration laws in and of themselves appears to be entirely inconsequential."

Is it even possible to "close the border?" Should we?

Krikorian said "We have a much better handle on the border than we used to. The reason for the current crisis is that we are letting them in, giving them papers and then letting them go. That's almost not even a border security issue, that's this administation not even attempting to maintain a border."

I didn't let anybody off easy today. I need to understand this - we have built 670 miles of border fencing and can't even get an estimated figure for what it would take to do the whole thing. There's no money for that, there's no proposal for that. So where are the answers?

Take a listen.

FULL AUDIO: Garland talks immigration policy with Bob Dane and Mark Krikorian

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07/29/2014 4:36PM
Garland: If we want to 'close the border,' someone tell me how!
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