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Posts from December 2012

Garland Robinette: 'Stupid Human Tricks''
12.20.12 - After the Newtown school massacre President Obama said, “If there is even one thing that we can do to prevent any of these events, we have a deep obligation to try.  The fact that this problem is complex, can no longer be an excuse for doing nothing.  The fact that we can’t prevent every act of violence, doesn’t mean that we can’t steadily reduce the violence, and prevent the very worst violence.”

To me that sounds very reasonable.  If you stood in that school looking down on the 20 slaughtered babies and someone said what the President said and then someone disagreed…I think that person who disagreed would very quickly become a victim of violence.  But it all has to do with the ratio of distance from the horror.

I say that because I’ve experienced a similar range of emotions in war.  I know the difference between the real-time, close-up horror, the anger, the immediate thirst for revenge followed by a slow change back to just trying to survive.

I hope the President is right, but I doubt it.  The tower of babel has begun, each group shouting over each other with no intention of listening to the other side.  “Change over time” will push the issue to the background, just as any other mass slaughter has in the past.  The war of liberals and conservatives covers all issues these days, with a proud determination from both clubs to defend their dogma…regardless of what the other side says or requests, regardless of the consequences.  We are proud of gridlock in Washington and in our ultra-partisan worlds.

I watched some of the Piers Morgan show…a town hall meeting of journalists, how to manage your life gurus, and politicians, plus an audience of regular folks.  It was the tower of babel.  Everyone screaming at and over each other…in particular everyone with their own set of facts and statistics.  I was just looking for real information to use on my show, not anti-or-pro guns, just information.  There was none that I heard.

This is the image I see.  20 babies slaughtered in a room, the liberal and conservative groups walking into the distance…screaming at each other, threatening, insulting….then slowly the screaming stops and the two groups begin to go back to their clubs, but someone runs in and says “fiscal cliff”….and the hate begins all over again and the same cycle repeats…military funding debates, social programs, big government, small government, no change...b-u-t  there will be at least one change guaranteed, the families of the babies lives are forever changed.  They will be the few who remember what was done and what was NOT done.

I truly hope I am totally wrong.  But that’s what I think.  How about you?
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