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Garland: Obama's budget push may hurt coast efforts
By now you've likely heard that President Obama's new budget contains plans for big new investments in infrastructure to spark new job growth and expand America's middle class. That in itself is not controversial, but I'm reading some...
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Garland: Is yours the true religion?
Let me make sure i’ve got this...
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Garland: Fear of Muslims like fear of pit bulls?
It’s being reported that many European cities have large “pockets” of disadvantaged, marginalized and mistreated Muslim populations.  Many say that no one should blame them for the violence of a few (a few when compared with...
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Garland: St Bernard rejects flood protection - are we all at risk?
What do we do with a flood protection bowl with a big ole hole?   Voters in St. Bernard decided they don’t want to pay for flood protection.  It’s a vote that threatens New Orleans and Jefferson residents, because our $14 billion...
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Garland: I don't think we really need grand juries
Was justice done in Ferguson? Everyone has an opinion on it, but the fact is, the system of using a grand jury to decide whether or not to bring charges is not a popular system - so much so that half the states in the US don't use them at...
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Garland: What THINKING taught me about elections
I never did want to learn about politics.  This job forced me to.  If you run a “think tank” you learn that people really like to think about politics.  I find this “poly-tics” a strange thing.  Poly means...
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Garland: Is Charles Barley right? Is Russell Wilson not black enough to most bl
Former basketball great Charles Barkley says brainwashed members of the black community are holding the black community back. Because to be accepted you gotta go to jail, you gotta be the right color black and you can’t speak too...
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Garland: Are we cyborgs yet?
Do you welcome or worry about technology that can control our brains and bodies? It sounds strange but people are being turned into partial cyborgs for really good reasons like health issues, missing limbs, corrective vision and more. Scientists are...
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Garland: Is there a looming economic crisis around the corner?
Should we be celebrating a thriving U.S. economy, or worry about a possible economic crisis around the corner?   Some headlines I've seen in the last few days:  "US stocks tumble as volatility returns,"   ...
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Garland: Is Ebola a real problem now or still just hype?
Are fears about the Ebola virus becoming a worldwide pandemic warranted or not?     brightcove.createExperiences(); After today's news that Thomas Duncan, the first patient to be diagnosed with Ebola in the US died in the Dallas...
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