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Garland: Hokie was a one-of-a-kind man
I was always jealous of those who knew and were close to Hokie Gajan.  I’d see him in the hallways, and occasionally he agreed to venture into the Think Tank.  I knew Hokie was special, because I could see that EVERYBODY thought he was...
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Garland: Why are Jefferson residents happier than Orleans residents?
Why are Jefferson Parish residents so much happier with their quality of life than New Orleanians?   A new UNO poll says people who live in Jefferson Parish are 94% satisfied, while residents in NOLA are only 66% satisfied - and...
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Garland: Atty General Landry takes over coastal lawsuits; now what?
If our state Attorney General takes over coastal lawsuits against oil & gas, will it help the cause of Louisiana parishes or oil and gas? Jeff Landry is taking over coastal lawsuits filed by three parishes against oil and gas firms.  Will that...
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Kennedy to Garland: Audits have already identified $1.7B in waste
The cutting waste versus new revenue debate continued on WWL today with Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy insisting there is a lot for government to gain by running a tighter ship. "The legislative auditor last year did 36 audits,"...
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Gov. Edwards with Garland; tough questions, tough answers on budget
Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards today said he welcomes proposals for cuts to try and close a budget deficit the governor says is more than $940 million, but repeated his argument that cuts alone won't close the gap. "We cannot simply cut...
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Garland: Arizona has virtually eliminated illegal aliens - now what?
Arizona has virtually eliminated illegal aliens from their state.  Are results good or bad?  Can Louisiana do the same? Arizona passed some laws a few years back that meant that undocumented workers in that state, about 85% of them from...
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Garland: Remembering C.B. Forgotson
C.B. Forgotston is dead.  It’s a loss that few outside of his circle of friends and family will notice and that’s as big a tragedy as his death.  C.B. absorbed a lot of hate and anger in an attempt to make our lives better. He...
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Garland: Let's put mass shooting reports in a 72-hour can!
In the film days of television news, when a camera person or reporter made a report in advance, we called that “putting it in the can.”  So how about we put reporting mass shootings in a can that we can use over a 72-hour period, which...
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Garland: Has political correctness gotten out of control?
Do you hesitate to say Merry Christmas out of fear it may offend somebody? Do you consider yourself politically correct or incorrect? A sheriff in Harris County Georgia posted a warning sign – “we are politically incorrect.”...
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Garland: Can refugee vetting process really screen out terrorists?
Can the United States' refugee vetting process catch terrorists?  Is it even practical or even possible?  Syrians have to be “vetted” for two years before getting permission to come to America. President Obama vowed to veto a...
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Wetlands officially part of Audubon State Park

Growing Deltas in Atchafalaya Bay

Drone Racing League

Vintage Wetlands video with Bill Nye

Drone strikes Seattle ferris wheel

Live in the world's first 3D-printed villa!

Do schools kill creativity?

Healing Powers of Art

Sustainable use of wetlands

Fox Plays Hide & Seek with Drone

Garland's Think Tank

AlphaGo wins battle of man versus machine

The Go-playing computer program, AlphaGo, has defeated the best Go player of the last decade, Lee Sedol, at the fifth and final game of the Google DeepMind Challenge Match, in Seoul, South Korea on Tuesday. 

Emigrants Transform Institutions - For the Better

The potential negative impact of immigrants on American political and economic institutions is the best argument against liberalized immigration and the economic, social, national security, and criminal objections are not convincing.

Gravitational waves: breakthrough discovery after two centuries of expectation

Physicists have announced the discovery of gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of spacetime that were first anticipated by Albert Einstein a century ago.
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