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Garland: Who pays for Paradise Lost - the oil companies, or you?
Your good friend lives next door. He has a tree trimming service and is very rich. He's helped you financially for a very long time, and with his help, you're not wealthy, but you do okay financially. This rich, good friend, who happens to be your...
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Garland on Rodrigue Death
Famed Louisiana artist George Rodrigue, who found fame with his enigmatic "Blue Dog'' images, died over weekend in Houston after a long battle with cancer. WWL's Garland Robinette, a fellow artist, says Rodrigue was definitely...
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Garland: On Syria - why should we believe
garland@wwl.com  9.6.13     Make the lie simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. – Adolf Hitler Why should we believe our leaders assurances concerning the proposed attacks on Syria?  I...
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Garland: In the Snowden debate, fear trumps privacy
Edward Snowden is a traitor. Edward Snowden is a hero. How do you see the former government contractor who admitted to leaking information about massive surveillance programs? If you say he’s a “traitor,” what personal belief...
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Garland: Should the bombing suspect be Mirandized?
There has been much debate about whether the hospitalized suspect in the Boston bombings should have been given his Miranda warnings as soon as possible.  As we have seen in other terrorism cases, the knee-jerk reaction by the public and...
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Garland Robinette: Terror - is more security the real danger?
garland@wwl.com - 4.16.13 You gotta help me here.  I don’t understand.  Terrorists writing in their online magazine Inspire, claim they will force America into bankruptcy by detonating bombs that costs them hundreds of dollars, but...
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Garland blog: Take care of yourself!
The photo above on the left is me in August of 2011.  I was going through chemo to fight a life-threatening disease.  I was bloated, overweight, and had no energy. The photo above on the right is me, more recently.  It's the...
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Garland Robinette: Tough Questions for All Parents. Tough Solutions Proposed.
1.30.13 - How many of us worry about sending our children to universities…even if we’ve put the money away?  Do you cringe like I do, when you hear reports that claim the cost of a college education may not be worth the price?...
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Garland Robinette: Believe it or not, I'm with Jindal on this one
Garland@wwl.com - 2.18.13   Louisiana I love you, but you confuse me sometimes. You don’t want to pay any more taxes.  You want a reduction in crime.  You don’t trust government and law enforcement.  BUT, you’re...
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Garland: Who Dats, don't be THIS guy.
Saints fans are still understandably fuming about how NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handled the whole "bounty" investigation into the team's pay-for-performance program.  Fans and players alike maintain that Goodell never provided...
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