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Garland: Are we on the brink of World War III?
How close are we to World War III?  More & more foreign policy experts see what Russia is doing in the Ukraine and Baltic States and say it mimics the start of both World Wars. Are Russia and the world miscalculating the danger? I invited...
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Garland: Why are we still debating gun control?
Why is there still a debate on gun control?  It makes NO sense.  Can we not just move on and admit that mass shootings in America are not something we can eliminate?   Consider the numbers.  Americans own between 300 and 310 million...
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Garland: What really happens when a state gets medical marijuana?
Are the big fears about legalizing medical marijuana unfounded?  New studies show legalizing medical marijuana does not increase the use of teens or pose a threat to children. For those of you whoe are opposed to medical pot - does that change your...
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Garland: How much black is too black for art?
Okay, let’s explore the latest issue of the coward commenters.  You know those people…so bored/so idle because they don’t work or have mindless jobs…so on-edge because anger management failed…or so ignorant because...
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Garland: Is the University Medical Center ready to open, or not?
What happens if New Orleans’ gigantic, billion-dollar hospital (now near completion) doesn’t open? Governor Jindal's budget proposal could leave the University Medical Center millions of dollars short of what's needed to open and stay...
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Garland: Obama's budget push may hurt coast efforts
By now you've likely heard that President Obama's new budget contains plans for big new investments in infrastructure to spark new job growth and expand America's middle class. That in itself is not controversial, but I'm reading some...
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Garland: Is yours the true religion?
Let me make sure i’ve got this...
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Garland: Fear of Muslims like fear of pit bulls?
It’s being reported that many European cities have large “pockets” of disadvantaged, marginalized and mistreated Muslim populations.  Many say that no one should blame them for the violence of a few (a few when compared with...
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Garland: St Bernard rejects flood protection - are we all at risk?
What do we do with a flood protection bowl with a big ole hole?   Voters in St. Bernard decided they don’t want to pay for flood protection.  It’s a vote that threatens New Orleans and Jefferson residents, because our $14 billion...
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Garland: I don't think we really need grand juries
Was justice done in Ferguson? Everyone has an opinion on it, but the fact is, the system of using a grand jury to decide whether or not to bring charges is not a popular system - so much so that half the states in the US don't use them at...
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