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Garland blog: Take care of yourself!

The photo above on the left is me in August of 2011.  I was going through chemo to fight a life-threatening disease.  I was bloated, overweight, and had no energy.

The photo above on the right is me, more recently.  It's the product of living healthier and keeping the right attitude...and never, never, quitting.

We all have ups and downs.  But please know that living healthier is more than just physical. 

As I mentioned in my other blog today, Mr. Alan Watts, a counselor for young graduating students who still don’t know what to do with their degree or their lives.  His concept--“it is better to have a short life that is full of what you like doing, than a long life spent in a miserable way.”  Please, indulge me for three minutes and listen to his talk.  It’s perfect for the “Think Tank” process…I promise you, it’ll make every parent (and, hopefully, their children) think…

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02/25/2013 8:34AM
Garland blog: Take care of yourself!
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02/25/2013 10:38AM
Missed you and your wisdom...
Welcome back. You are in my thoughts
02/25/2013 10:58AM
All The Best
Obviously, you did not see the way Sarah Palin was lamblasted for writing in her hands. Poor man's teleprompter. Best of everything. I am currently undergoing chemo myself.
02/25/2013 1:15PM
Garland's show of February 25
When will t oday's show be re-broadcast? Several of my friends andI were on our way to our senior exercise class and were intently listening to Garland but had to stop listening because our class was about to begin. We all want to hear the rest of his show. (Some don't have computers.)
02/25/2013 4:23PM
green drink
Please send me what's in that green drink!
02/25/2013 11:35PM
Today's show
I was riveted. When he was speaking to a hypothetical veteran who is experiencing mental issues....wow. You could hear the emotion in his voice and breathing as he was fighting back the tears.
02/26/2013 6:28AM
You keep up the hard work for those of us who can't
You are an inspiration for all of us whose fight is fruitless and the end is inevitable. Thank you for the uplifting words we can think aboutwhenit gets tougher to bare.
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