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Garland: Please America - take a deep breath

My vocal chords are infected & I can’t speak on the radio right now.  But, I CAN talk with my pen, and my message is this: please, everybody - take a deep breath!

The end of the world is not yet here.  Donald Trump is only one man, and our governmental system is a huge, slow monster that will allow itself to be pushed only so far before it pushes back. And liberals will not be able to do much damage to “Trump-ism” in their reduced role in Congress and the states.

If you disagree with the above... fine. That’s what debates are all about, but can we start initiating an adult debate?

Two days of debate over crowd size, rather than what’s going to happen to healthcare?

The liberal side that sees crowd size as a way to minimize President Trump’s image?

A President, who is so overly sensitive that he tells his press secretary to attack the media in his first press briefing?

Madonna deflects the positive side of the millions of women (and men) marching nationwide to announce that she has considered blowing up the White House?

And, President Trump, instead of building bridges, asks why the crowd didn’t vote?

The defense or attack on any of these references can be found in the liberal and conservative websites and blogs. To find out who is right is virtually impossible.  All of the “fact checking” sites impartiality have been called into question... just google how many of the sites have liberal or conservative ties behind the scenes.

With all that said, can we start arguing like adults about what we do with the longest unresolved war in U.S. history (Afghanistan)?  Can we figure out what a replacement for Obamacare will look like? Can we debate whether its corporations or automation that’s keeping jobs from returning to America?

These are fool proof ideas, because you won’t need the media to fact check whether we get out of the blood-and-money drain called Afghanistan.  You won’t need liberal or conservatives to tell you if your healthcare improves or gets worse. You won’t need to be convinced whether we see an increase in jobs or whether products become more expensive because they’re made in America.

Soooooo...after the deep breath... can we show our children we really are adults?

Can’t wait to talk to you... debate with you... hopefully, soon.

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01/25/2017 9:16AM
Garland: Please America - take a deep breath
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01/25/2017 10:42AM
Accept it !
Accept it ..he is president...move on
01/25/2017 10:43AM
John Morris
Well said brother!
01/25/2017 10:44AM
Garland Robintte
Hope you get well soon
01/25/2017 10:47AM
Robin it Affordable Care Act. Wish everyone would call it by right name. If they call it Trump care, would they love it?
01/25/2017 11:04AM
Automation is directly associated with the rising cost of employees. The ACA is part of rising employee cost.
01/25/2017 11:12AM
A voice of reason
Thank you Garland. I believe you are speaking for many of us who have remained silent for too long. Enough of the politics and back to people first.
01/25/2017 11:55AM
Thank you!
Thank you for being a voice of reason. Too many people often forget that one of the awesome rights we have as US citizens is the right to have and voice our opinions. It's not "you can have an opinion only if it matches mine". Discuss likethe adults the left and right claim to be, that's the only way we as a country get better and do better.
01/25/2017 12:12PM
Trump is like a toddler throwing a tantrum. He's a me,me,me type. Thin skinned and a flat out liar!
01/25/2017 12:33PM
Trump has the angry white men all stirred up. Hard to have a civil debate with an angry man. I'm losing friends over it - sad
01/25/2017 3:04PM
USA 1st
Let give him a couple of months, robin take care and get well, need ya back on the radio
01/25/2017 6:46PM
Wow, all of a sudden everyone is calling for civility, give him a chance,where have you all been the last eight years?
01/26/2017 2:09AM
We care
Thank you,this was the most intelligent thing I since this whole mess..at this rate he wont be in office long..because ge is capable of anything.
01/26/2017 2:13AM
This is rhe most intelligent thing I have read since this whole mess,But he will not be in office long because he capable of anything
01/26/2017 4:49PM
Used to have a job
Folks, hold your thoughts til he gets people working and cuts the waste we have in Washington . He has put in more hours than Obama the 1st week than Obama put in the 1st month. Too much down time for Obama vacations and golf
01/29/2017 12:03AM
Good analysis of bad situation
Thanks for making sense of the matter.
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