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Posted: Monday, 29 April 2013 6:15AM

Gallup: Louisiana second least-stressed state after Hawaii

Are you feeling stressed today? If you're like the majority of Louisianans you're not feeling much, as this state ranks as the second least stressed state in the country.

Louisiana comes in only behind Hawaii as the least stressed state according to a new Gallup poll.

And why do locals think we have such a relaxed population? "Because we have a lot of fun and we let all our stress out when we are enjoying ourselves...Mardi Gras, festivals, parties," a woman in the CBD told me in our informal survey.

And recommendations from locals for those in the most stressed states like West Virginia, Rhode Island and Kentucky? "Get out more, have a lunch on a patio somewhere at some of the open restaurants, with some friends. Enjoy life, don't think it's just home and work and school," another woman downtown said.

Click here for more on the poll.

Hawaii has been the least stressed state in the nation for the last five years that Gallup has been tracking well-being. But things aren't so bad here either, with a lot of people saying we have our own "laid back" attitude and pace of life.

Tourists told me how could you be stressed here with all the great music and food New Orleans has.

West Virginia, Kentucky, and Utah, have each ranked within the top five most stressed states for the past five years says Gallup.

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