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Posted: Thursday, 27 June 2013 1:56PM

Funds from synthetic pot sales funneled to Yemen, Terrebonne cops say

Thirteen people have been arrested in the Houma area, in a wide sweeping crackdown on sales of synthetic marijuana.  Authorities think the bulk of the proceeds were being shipped to connections in the Middle East.

For six months, undercover agents, including those with the DEA, have been targeting three convenience stores for selling synthetic pot.  Captain Dawn Foret with Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office says the investigation of the store operators will continue.

''The narcotics task force along with a DEA representative have tracked a lot of the financial proceeds backed to their home country in Yemen,'' Foret said.

Listen to Capt. Dawn Foret:

While the DEA works on that angle, Foret says they're glad to remove $250,000 worth of dangerous pot from the local market.

''This drug, even though alot of people thinks it's safe, is highly addictive and highly dangerous,'' she said.

She says it can have side effects which can put people in the hospital -- or in the morgue.

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