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Posted: Friday, 18 October 2013 10:50PM

Former Saints Coach Bum Phillips dies

Former Saints Coach Bum Phillips is dead.

His son, Wade Phillips, tweeted the news Friday night.

"Bum is gone to Heaven-loved and will be missed by all -great Dad,Coach, and Christian," Wade Phillips said.

Bum Phillips was 90 years old.

The Saints hired Bum Phillips was the eighth coach in team history in 1981. The Saints went 4-12 in 1981, 4-5 in the strike-shortened '82 season, 8-8 in '83, 7-9 in '84 and 4-8 in 1985 before Phillips resigned.

His son replaced him.

Phillips also coached the Houston Oilers.  He lead the Oilers to their first of three-straight playoff appearances.

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