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Posted: Wednesday, 12 June 2013 6:05AM

First time in history, four generations in the workplace

"It's the first time in American history that four generations are sharing the workplace, from Traditionalists and Baby Boomers to Generation X and the Millennial," according to new guidelines for employers from the Florida Workforce Commission.

Click here for "Understanding Four Generations in the Workplace"

And with four generations on the job they say comes four sets of ideas, behaviors, attitudes, expectations and motivators.

"People are living longer and in consequence working longer, sometimes for good reasons and sometimes out of necessity. They feel like they don't have enough money to retire or they're just able to keep working longer," says Tulane Business Professor Mark Rosa.

Some employers are now trying to attract younger workers with vibrant work-spaces in primary colors and encouraging a questioning of the status quo.

Is the Millennial generation, those now 18-34 years old, changing the workplace, as the new movie "The Intern" suggests?

While Millennials are looking for a flexible schedule, older workers are more interested in retirement benefits. For Baby Boomers, Rosa says it's important to get continual training to stay up-to-date on constant upgrades in technology.

Rosa says there will be a lot of challenges going forward for Baby Boomers, with some employers now believing creativity trumps experience.

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