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Posted: Friday, 09 August 2013 8:37AM

First day of school, drivers beware

Kids are back in school today in several parishes including two of the biggest, Jefferson and St. Tammany. 

State Police spokesman Jarred Sandifer says drivers need to watch for kids, obey school zones and stop when kids are getting on and off of buses.

"We're going to have troopers out there making sure people are abiding by those school zones. Motorists need to give plenty of time to any kids who may be crossing the street," says Sandifer.

He stresses that drivers in both directions have to stop when kids are getting on and off buses too.

"A lot of people don't realize this but a school bus driver can actually report someone if they drive around a school bus. They can actually take down a license plate number and report it. We'll investigate and possibly issue a citation," he explained. 

Some buses also have cameras to catch people driving around when the stop signs are out.

Sandifer also says if you have a child who walks or bikes to school, make sure they know before crossing a street to look left, right then left again. 

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