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Posted: Wednesday, 19 June 2013 5:53PM

Fired host tells WWL he's ''genuinely sorry'' for making fun of Gleason

One of the three Atlanta radio hosts fired for making fun of Steve Gleason earlier this week told WWL's Sports Talk with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia that what they did "was heinous, it was below the belt and it was beyond offensive."

Nick Cellini said, "We did the unthinkable."

He told Bobby and Deke that he and his radio partners deserved to be fired.

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How did it happen that they decided to make fun of a man who is dying from Lou Gehrig’s Disease?

"You're sitting there in front of a microphone... and you're not thinking," Cellini explained.  

He said that the segment was not planned in advance and something they decided to do during the commercial break just before the bit.

"It happened two minutes before we did it... it just kind of happened," Cellini told Bobby and Deke.

He claimed he had no idea that the disease was a slow death sentence that ate away at a person's nervous system.

"I was ignorant to so many facts... that it is a long goodbye... I was just so ignorant to everything," the former Mayhem in the AM host said.

He says if anyone is willing to hire him again he will donate to helping Gleason raise awareness and help people with the disease.

"The first month of my salary is going to the Gleason Foundation," Cellini insisted.

He apologized and asked for forgiveness, but understands not everyone will accept his apology.

"I'm never going to be forgiven by some... I am genuinely sorry," Cellini said.

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