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Posted: Wednesday, 20 November 2013 7:19AM

Fed case against La. voucher program still on

It turns out the federal government's suit against Louisiana over the school voucher program is not over. Lawyers are gearing up for arguments later this week at federal court in New Orleans.

Governor Bobby Jindal's superintendent of education, John White, says the feds are still asking for information on every student in every school, to determine their racial make-up, "not just in the parishes where there's a desegregation order, but all parishes."

White says it shows how far the feds are going in trying to limit school choice in Louisiana.

"If those data are not to the federal government's liking, then they're requesting that the judge again intervene in the case and insure that the program does not go forward," White said. 

The Justice Department says the voucher program, which provides taxpayer money to families with kids in failing public schools, so they can enroll their kids in private schools, interferes with desegregation rules. Louisiana officials claim the voucher program has actually made schools more diverse.

"On Friday we will be continuing this case with our lawyers and the federal lawyers, in court in New Orleans, talking through this issue and hopefully bringing it to some resolution," White said.


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