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Posted: Tuesday, 04 March 2014 5:41AM

Fat Tuesday bathroom facilities just a click away

It seems one of the biggest problems of Mardi Gras has finally been solved.

There's now a mobile guide to bathrooms along the city's parade route.

A local 'entre-pee-neur' is making it easier to take care of business this year, with a new website that allows parade-goers to find a place of relief.

"You can just whip out the iPhone or Android or any other phone and basically find the closest place to pee," says Max Gaudin.

The local web developer co-founded the site with his friend, Travis Laurendine.

"It was something we were just having fun with at first," says Gaudin. "And then everyone got so excited about it, that we decided it should be a real thing."

Less than a week after he introduced the concept to his Twitter and Facebook audiences in mid-February, he had a couple thousand people looking for lavatories.

He says it's easy to use.

"Just go to 'AirPnP.co' through your web browser, and it just pulls it up immediately," Gaudin says. "It'll say 'Find a place to pee' or 'Add a place to pee.' You click 'Find' and it pulls up the map and will show you where you can go pee at the nearest location."

"You can pay through the app, or pay them in cash, if you choose. And, you can review and follow up on that bathroom so that others can see the quality of the different bathrooms."

Gaudin says most of the rest stops are along the Uptown parade route, where businesses have signed up to draw in potential customers.

"On the seller's side, it allows anyone -- resident or business -- to rent out their bathroom for a cost, and they decide the cost," he says.

At some places, it may be a few dollars or it may be a few beers.

And, yes, homeowners can rent out their own private facilities to facilitate the needs of folks watching the floats. It's similar to the site AirBnB, on which people rent bedrooms in private homes.

On the new app, renters sign up, post their address and pictures of their potty place.

Gaudin believes the app fulfills a social responsibility. "It serves a real need. It serves a need for individuals and, also, the city...so that we don't have people out peeing on the streets."  

He says he hasn't received any complaints about the service. And, barring any problems, he plans to expand the site for upcoming festivals and other events.

"We'll see where it takes us, and go with the flow."

But, as he says, if your looking for a place to go at this year's Mardi Gras, "Urine luck."

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