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Posted: Tuesday, 25 February 2014 2:26PM

Expert theories on Darren Sharper

If any of the allegations against former Saints star Darren Sharper are true, it raises the question of why would someone with money, fame and success ever have to drug women in order to have sex with them?

LSU Health Sciences Center psychiatry professor Michelle Moore says rapists tend to be very insecure and often lack self confidence. She says it could be a pathological addiction.

''They lack a lot of self confidence and when they drug these women, they make the women powerless, therefore they gain all the control and power in a very sadistic way,'' said Moore.

Sharper is being investigated now in five states, including Louisiana.  He has pleaded not guilty to multiple charges in California.

''It is much more concerning because it has happened numerous times and just the manner he goes about it,'' according to Moore.

While he is awaiting trial,  Sharper has been ordered in stay in Los Angeles and stay away from night clubs.

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