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Posted: Thursday, 15 May 2014 6:56AM

Expert: Sex and relationships haven't changed much

Have things really changed that much over the years when it comes to sex and the bedroom? 

Some findings from the National Center for Health Statistics suggest possible shifting attitudes, but according to Clinical Psychologist Dr. Eileen Palace; when it comes to sex, most things really have not changed.  She is at the Center For Sexual Health in Metairie.

What about a trend that seems to have become popular, "friends with benefits?"

Palace says while popular culture, social media and today's music may make it seem like having casual sex without any commitment is a good thing; the emotional impact is the same as it has always been. 

"Our needs for intimacy, affiliation and affection have not changed," the doctor stressed.

She insists both men and women still tend to regret a casual hook-up or a one night stand, but more so with females.

"There is a real sex difference with women reporting later being more disappointed, more embarrassed feeling like they've lost respect of the guy, more emotional difficulties, confused.  So it's important to really think about that.  It's not all as hunky dory as it may sound," said Dr. Palace.

She says young or old our real basic human needs are exactly the same when it comes to sex now as years ago.   

Dr. Palace says communication is still the key.

"We know it's the number one issue and the number one reason people get divorced is poor communication," she insisted.

Photo credit Erik Ogan via flickr

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