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Exclusive: Drew Brees comments to WWL Radio about franchise tender

Concerning the latest on the franchise tag and a long-term deal for quarterback Drew Brees, I've heard directly from #9 himself and from members of his camp. 
I texted Drew today with the question, "It is being reported that you have expressed that you will not sign your franchise tender. Is that true?"  Drew's direct response:  "I am reserving all comments and discussions with the Saints directly."
Meanwhile, I also talked today to a person in the Drew Brees camp.  Despite some online reports that Brees is “livid” about the franchise tag, that person says Drew still maintains optimism to work out a long-term deal with the Saints.  I was told by that person that Brees will go through the process of the tag and hopes to sign a new deal before July 15th.
His camp and the Saints are still talking.  Brees has until April 16 to decide if he'll sign the franchise tender if he wants to be able to attend organized team activities. 


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03/06/2012 1:00PM
Kristian: Brees maintains optimism for long-term deal
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03/06/2012 1:09PM
Saint's Blunder
It never should have come to this. Brees is the wheel that turns this whole offense and team. Loomis of whomever should have had a contract in place recognizing the contributions of Brees both to the team and also the New Orleans community. Sleeping at the wheel will not do!!!
03/06/2012 1:30PM
Brees Greedy
What Brees camp is asking for is contrary to what his persona is. His asking price is beyond greedy, and I hope he has to sign the franchise tender. A Big reason the Colts were so bad this year was the amount of money Peyton has been paid, and them nothaving enough to put a competitive team around him. Brees is just another greedy athlete!
03/06/2012 1:31PM
"Greed is Good?"
Thanks Drew for all you have done for the Saints. Without you we never would have gotten to, much less win a Super Bowl. How much is enough? So you ONLY make 18-20 Million for the 1st 3 years and then 23 - 24 Million for the final 2 0r 3 years. If these reports are correct, appears Drew is getting Greedy! Pro athletes salaries are out of control!!
03/06/2012 1:36PM
Failed loyalty........
While being fully cognizant that this is all about the money to both the Saints and Brees, somehow it strikes a cord that the Saints want loyalty from the players but they refuse to reciprocate. The fan-base is agast that it has gotten to this point - and rightfully so. Without Brees there is no offense, at all. Without Nix there is a huge hole in the offensive line. Without our core of wide receivers there is no one to throw to. This franchise is headed for a train wreck of huge proportion - the "bounty" issue that will surely result in suspensions; the failed contract talks with Brees, the possible loss of Nix and surely others. This is truly sad for everyone involved.
03/06/2012 1:37PM
the scene of the crime
The best who in the nfl wants to get a deal done, the team wants to sign him, talks drag on until he is franchised. Sound familiar? Peyton Manning and Drew Breed have the same agent.
03/06/2012 1:39PM
Pay the man!
For all that Drew Brees has done for the city and for the Saints organization he should get paid the amount of money that top Quarterbacks are getting paid in the league. He has earned it and as for Peyton Manning, the Colts season was due to Manning's surgery not the money. If you want to have a fantastic season like the Colts last year, mess up and lose Drew we will be back to bags in no time. Pay the man!
03/06/2012 1:39PM
Well I have seen football hell and heaven once. We have had 3 QB's in 40 plus years. Manning, Herbert, and Brees. The leadership had time to put a package in place. Poor management skills because it's not just the QB its the TEAM. The TEAM. 05-11 pretty good but its like the Mecom boys. A Saints fan lost in the NE with the insufferable Pats
03/06/2012 1:41PM
Pay for Future performance
Brees has been phenomenal in his time with the Saints and deserves to be paid as a top 3 quarterback....and that is exactly what the Saints have offered. It is also important to use a bit of Moneyball logic here, you are not rewarding Drew for past performance but paying for the next 5 years. Will his performance continue to be better than Rodgers, Brady, and the next set of up and coming QB's...that must be answered before extending beyond $18M per year.
03/06/2012 1:42PM
Give Thanks to the Lord
I agree that Drew has become another greedy athlete. Drew should take the best offer the team has made him, and thank the Lord for giving him the talent and ability he has.
03/06/2012 1:43PM
Purdue Graduate
Brees has made less than he should have every year that he has played in NFL. He has given alot to both teams that he played for. Both teams have been in the playoff's and they did not pay him within the top ten Quater Backs in the league. It is time for him to get paid appropriately
03/06/2012 1:48PM
pay the man!
He is worth Every Dime he is asking for!!!!!!!!! Pay the Man!
03/06/2012 1:52PM
pay the man
03/06/2012 1:53PM
Pay Drew Brees
While I certainly agree that most arrogant, media hog, can't stay out of trouble athletes are not worth half of what they are paid, there are those very few exceptional people who are invaluable to their team, and, more importantly to the city they represent. And given the extreme, horrid circumstances that this man and his family agreed to take on, and the positive economic and feel good effect that he has had on the recovery of this city, that makes him that once in a lifetime person (athlete). He does not need the Saints, but the Saints and the city most definitely need him!
03/06/2012 1:54PM
tell them
Show me the money
03/06/2012 1:54PM
Top 5 Quarterbacks Don't Grow on Trees
I can't believe we are having this conversation. It can take years to replace a top QB. We have one for the next five years.
03/06/2012 1:55PM
It's Bobby Hebert all over again...
The Saints franchise has always underpaid their players. And when they get a hold of a really good one, they do this dance & the player walks... Prepare your paper bags people. At least the city has at least ONE Super Bowl win under its belt. Drew Brees is a gentleman, hard worker & a true leader. If he's upset, it's rightfully so. Lookie called him "a pretty good" quarterback. OH, REALLY?! Quit pinching your pennies & PAY THE MAN. The franchise is undoubtedly making more than enough on merchandising & tickets alone. There's a waiting list for season tickets that's at least halfway to the moon by now. Maybe the fans should stop supporting a team that won't support their players? Maybe if the fans spoke out, they'd have no choice but to listen. Yes, Brees wants a lot of money, and we all know he isn't getting any younger, but he has PLENTY of work to still do here. Surely they should beagle to has this out?! If not, the man WILL walk. Mark my words.
03/06/2012 1:58PM
Drew is a Saint..
Give Drew what he wants as with an unhappy Brees combined wit da sanctions on us will make a Superdome Saints Superbowl a lost Saints fantasy..
03/06/2012 1:59PM
In other words, Brees is pissed. Saints are speading "news". He's not.
If I were Brees, see what the fans reacted, I'd think, what the heck have I been doing here? for what?
03/06/2012 2:02PM
Who dat
Just start the chase Daniel era and get over it. The dude was awesome and showed some great things in the pre season games he played.... Who dat
03/06/2012 2:07PM
Salary Cap
I agree that Brees is worthy of top QB pay, and possibly more, but don't forget that there are other players who need to be signed as well, and the team only has a fixed amount of dollars for salaries. That's why a lot of the contracts are "back loaded" against future "caps". You can't buy $100 of groceries with $50 cash; and there are no coupons in the NFL....
03/06/2012 2:10PM
Brees, if you are reading this, I suggest you go to SaintsReport.com
and see how Saints fans think of you. Do the right thing for yourself and your family. Good guys are always taken advantage of, and the minute you do anything less than you've done, they will jump onto you and beat you to death. Think about it. Know where you are. Time to move on (at least mind wise).
03/06/2012 2:10PM
He has already earned it, so pay it!
He has not made what he is worth for the past 3 years from a league stand point as it is. He has the right to ask for it up front because he should have been making it already. He is worth more to us than any other quarterback is to their teams because of how much he gives to this city.
03/06/2012 2:10PM
Pay him before another team does!
I think drew brees has shown it time and time again that he is the best quarterback in the nfl has seen in a very long time. He is definitely the best at the saints have ever seen. When you're that good you can demand any darn thing you want!
03/06/2012 2:16PM
Saints Fans
Most of the talking heads have no clue what they are talking about. I've never been more disappointed with the reaction of saints fans until this last week. This is a business and no one knows this better than Brees. He was already offered the highest nfl contract in history and turned it down. He gambled on winning the super bowl and lost. He was then offered a contract very similar to Tom Brady who has made it a point to renegotiate with his team to ensure keeping key players. This is a team sport with a salary cap. I love Brees as a player but we cannot give him 23 mil a year front loaded when we have so many needs on defense and possibly on offense depending on other signings. OH AND BY THE WAY DREW>>>>>>>>>Bobby....why someone would make that comparison is just mind blowing and shows our fans really need to do some research.
03/06/2012 2:17PM
We need Drew!
The Saints without Drew is like popcorn without butter! How many millions has he made for the team and this city, without him this team would surely not be as successful. I say we organize a "Sign Drew" rally.
03/06/2012 2:17PM
Drew is the Saints
the Dome is the house that Drew built. all the money the Saints organization makes off of us (the fans) is due to having Drew Brees as our QB. yes, this is a team. yes, other players are absolutely great at what they do BUT, if not for Drew, this citywould never had won the Super Bowl, sell out season after season at the dome, and Mr. Benson would not have made as much money as he has. to me, the greedy one here is Benson and Loomis. for crying out loud, pay the man...he is worth every single penny
03/06/2012 2:26PM
David Letterman makes $38 Million/year; $158,333.33/day; $19,791.66/minute and $5.49/second - he is an admitted womanizer. Michael vick signed a $100 Million contract and has done nothing to show for it. There are unlimted ways to structure a contract that benefits both sides. Whatever the market will allow is what Brees should get. Generally, we cannot imagine those numbers, but the reality is "it is what it is." If Loomis does not get this done, along with Carl Nix and others he will be ridden out of town by the fans - deservedly so. This is sad - truly sad.
03/06/2012 2:26PM
Coach Hebert
Saints organization. Blunder, serious blunder. I hope Drew will stay with us.
03/06/2012 2:27PM
The Sains fan post is correct....
He wont win a SB this year if theybpay him with no on to protect him. I mean remember Archie Manning could barely win a game on his back.
03/06/2012 2:32PM
Go with your heart Drew, I as a fan with always love you as a player and a person. May God Bless You and Your Family
03/06/2012 2:34PM
No Drew, empty Dome
03/06/2012 2:36PM
Drew, stop negotiation and just sign the tag. Play the minimum amount of time, and see what happens
You want to go somewhere you are appreciated, or maybe, go home to Texas next year! You can win multiple Super Bowls with cowboys!
03/06/2012 2:42PM
DO NOT go with your heart, NO MORE! Play the hardball, do the right thing, FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. You don't think Saints would cut you in no time if you get hurt? Have you seen what is happening?????
03/06/2012 2:45PM
03/06/2012 2:48PM
What Dat?
What Dat is a "Salary Cap" and if Brees is more comfortable with a few million dollars a year more than I can even imagine in a lifetime and it enhances the quality of his life, then go for it but also going will be a player or 2 to make up for it; possibly a player that made Drew look good on a lot of plays. Remember, unlike the NBA, the NFL has a real salary cap and Drew is drawing from it.
03/06/2012 2:49PM
And a lot of people are ignorant. They have offered him a lot of money and he turned a deal down. Over the weekend they got caught in some terrible allegations and the franchise tag had to be used because of time constraints. A deal will eventually get done, unfortunately because of their assanine behavior they may end up losing Carl Nicks, and possibly Marques Colston. They have to tread lightly right now because teams need offense and defense; and they may have to piecemeal a defense together after the punishments are handed out for their stupidity. Before re-working Will Smith's contract they were only $15 million under the salary cap with 16 free agents to sign after re-working it they onyl freed up another $5 million. Besides resigning their own free agents they may have to sign some free agents defensive players so tey can have a whole unit on the field. They cannot put all their money in one pocket. It's true offense sells tickets, but you need a defense too to win championships. Ask the OFFENSIVE Patriots who got beat twice by teams in the Giants that were better on DEFENSE!!!
03/06/2012 2:56PM
Saints Front Office
Hey ya'll remember when local businesses had to buy tickets to make the game a sellout! Those days are over!
03/06/2012 2:56PM
Bottom Line......
Saints die-hards, it's easy to say that Drew is greedy. However, the main question is "What if Drew was your son? What advise do you give him? The answer: You get whatever the market is willing to pay you for your talent and skills. It's a business!!!! Think about the amount of money Drew has caused the Saints organization to earn because of his talent and skills.
03/06/2012 2:57PM
It's A Business
All year we heard how the Saints were going to take care of Brees. Loomis even said he be out of a job if he didn't sign him. Oh well I guess that wasn't true. Also Matt Forte(Bears)Ray Rice(Ravens)Wes Walker(Pats) teams are only looking to save a dollar. If you read this Mr.Drew Brees keep up the fight.
03/06/2012 3:00PM
Pro Salaries Are a Drop in the buck to what owners make.
Pro Salaries are a drop in a bucket to what owners make. That is why they wouldn't reveal their books to show how much they make. They are afraid the states and cities that have to pay owners to keep the team in their city will want their money back. Owners can afford it.....if not put Tom Bensons fat as as Quarter Back!
03/06/2012 3:06PM
People calling Brees greedy is either m0r0n or selfish jerc.
If Brees were greedy he would have asked for a new deal long times ago, and he would have got likely 30-40 millions more already from Saints. A "highest contract" means nothing if it's back-loaded. You are a m0r0n if you do not ask for a "secure" contract, especially after what happened in San Diego. Brees wants to feel secure and appreciated, and he has every right to ask for what Manning got. If you think that extra 3-5 million is going to destroy Saints, you are a moron. No team in NFL is perfect. Every team is missing pieces. A good team just needs some luck to win Super Bowl, that's all there is.
03/06/2012 3:09PM
03/06/2012 3:13PM
Pay the man
He is the best in the league, PAY THE MAN. I don't want to hear whining about greed... everyone knows that's just falcons fans trolling our board. Just pay Drew, let's get this off our plate, and move on with the next item... for which the national media has apparently decided should cost Saints execs their jobs (ridiculous).
03/06/2012 3:23PM
Pay the greedy and have nothing left for other players and sit back in cry when the greedy gets smacked from the blind side and knocked out for the season because of the enormous target that Gregg Williams has essentially painted on the greedy's back. Then you will be crying about not having anyone to protect the greedy, and not having a sufficient back-up for the greedy.
03/06/2012 3:26PM
How did the Saints ever let it come to this??
Brees is not being greedy!! This is a guy who paid out of his pocket for practice space, trainers, and players insurance so his team could have training camp during the NFL strike because he wants to win for his teammates, the fans and of course himself!He has done so much for so may in this area! Pay the Man!!!
03/06/2012 3:28PM
Drew Brees is Worth So Much More....
....than money. He is the sports figure that children and young adults in our area look up to and strive to imitate. He has become part of our community. His family is HERE in New Orleans with us. I keep hearing Football is a business, so let all of us fans let the business part of this work as it will. We just ALL need to let the Saints know that we want the man that brough so much to the Gulf South treated as he deserves.
03/06/2012 3:41PM
That "PAY THE GREEDY" comment sums up well the Saints fan base.
ignorant, ruthless, greedy (expect others to constantly do things they would not do for one day perhaps), and have no heart whatsoever. Brees, take a hard look at what you are dealing with, the team and the fans. Take the right move this time, do not be stupid.
03/06/2012 3:45PM
It's all about what fits...
...under the cap. If we had a higher number, this would be settled by now. There has to be give and take on both sides, and I'm confident it will be done. The question is...who will be left standing on the offense??
03/06/2012 3:55PM
After everything drew has done for nola...
Whatever Drew makes won't be enough. New Orleans will always be indebted to Drew for everything he has done on the field and off. Anyone who doesn't get that must not be from the gulf south. He's a top 3 qb in the nfl and should be paid accordingly. He can make $250k/year receivers great and inspires a team and city. What else do you want? The saints organization should be ashamed that they have made Drew look bad by making him seem like he's being greedy for wanting the going rate for top qbs. After everything drew has done to improve nola and the saint's reputation....shame on you Bensons and Loomis. ...
03/06/2012 3:58PM
People who can only keep saying PAY THE MAN, are the ignorant part of the fan base
they don't see that they have to have enough money to pay all the important members of the team. Brees is important, and a deal will get done, but the Saints front office has to make sure his deal doesn't break the bank and leave them with a one-man team. Are would you prefer to have Brees making $23 million and no one else on the team? What if they break the bank with Brees, and they lose the majority of the other free agents then in training camp an unfortunate accident happens and they lose Brees for the season. Now you are going into a season with a less experienced QB and no team cohesiveness or position depth. And on top of that half your coaching staff is suspended for six to eight games. Then what?
03/06/2012 3:59PM
The measure of a "deal"
As millionaires go, few if any have been more generous and supportive of our city than Drew Brees. I have no doubt that if the Saints lock him into a deal that any number of other teams would sign him for, it would MORE than pay for itself in some way shape or form (beyond him being one of the finest athletes of our lifetimes, which frankly is reason enough). The tourism revenue generated by a winning team alone is inestimable.
03/06/2012 4:02PM
New Orleans or no other city will ever be indebted to an athlete. THEY ARE JUST ATHLETES; THEY AREN
He's an athlete, that's all he is. He plays a sport for millions of dollars. His future should already be beyond secure unless he's a mindless idiot. And, if any of you who keep saying "pay the man" thinks his future shouldn't already be secure than you must think he is a mindless idiot. And, if that's what you think then you have already made the point that he is just another greedy athlete.
03/06/2012 4:21PM
Pay the man and not ignorant
Have you seen noticed taken a gander at the salaries of the Tom Brady and Petyon Mannings of the world? These teams have still found a way to pay their elite QBs and pay a supporting cast of great player to keep them at the top tier of the NFL. What is ignorant is playing the what if game of accidents at training camps, suspensions and what will happen with free agency????? We do not know what will happen because we are not fortune tellers, but we do know and have seen what Drew Brees can do with any TE, WR, FB, RB on the field and that is why we need to pay the man. Come on
03/06/2012 4:35PM
He is not Greedy
He has done more for New Orleans and the Saints than any body, Yes PAY THE MAN !!!!!!!!!! No one else would do it.Pay the man!!!!!!
03/06/2012 4:41PM
Brees has to keep in mind
the money we need to keep BOTH Nicks and Colston. The man wants what he wants, but he is a team player and the team needs to sign other key players. I just hope that Drew does not hold a grudge and then decides to leave NO!
03/06/2012 4:42PM
Back Ended Deal
From what I understand it's not the amount of money but most of the money is back ended. He is 33 yrs old. He wants more guaranteed money up front and i don't blame him. He's only one injury away from retirement. look what they are doing Will Smith, restructure or get cut. That is what the front office wants to backend the deal and then make him restructure or cut him when he is 36 yrs old when most of his money is due.
03/06/2012 4:56PM
All good things come to an end
I just didnt think it would all end so soon thanks to the stupidity of Bensen and Loomis. We love you Drew!!!!
03/06/2012 5:18PM
Research THIS
There wasn't a comparison of Drew to Bobby. The situation is similar. Hebert wanted more $, they refused him, he walked. This is history repeating itself. The Saint franchise is NOTORIOUS for doing this to really great players. It's SHAMEFUL. I just hope everyone is prepared for Drew Brees to walk. Chase Daniel is great, don't get me wrong. But has anyone stopped to think WHY? Breed has taught him so much. So much so that if you aren't looking too close you could swear they're one in the same. He still has learning to do. Do Bree's walks & our backup takes over, what do you hunk will happen when the Saints play the teams that Brees goes to?! Not to mention how much the other players respect the man. Has any one thought of what this is likely doing to morale? Pay Brees, pay everyone that deserves it. Happy players are WINNING players. For the life of me I'll never get why they kept lame duck Bush & never blinked at paying him for doing nothing spectacular, but they're grumbling now. Franchises are nothing without their players, I have a sinking feeling we'll be finding that out shortly.
03/06/2012 5:19PM
Drew is SMARTER than that!
Anyone with a brain knows Drew Brees would never lay out his emotions publicly. He's a smart quarterback; he's a smart businessman. He knows contracts are negotiations; he's negotiating, and negotiations take time. Any news about Drew being unhappy or livid about the franchise tag came either from handlers who are trying to sway public opinion or from idiots who want to quote Drew without talking to Drew. Do you think for one second that the leader we know as Drew Brees would sit down across from some local yocal and say, "I'm livid?" NOT! Who Dat Nation, PLEASE. Drew is smarter than that.
03/06/2012 5:27PM
treble hook
are you kidding-pay the man-he is worth it to the team and the city gets a hell of a bargan
03/06/2012 6:45PM
#9 is worth the money!!!!!
Pay #9!!!!! He is worth every penny!!!!!
03/06/2012 6:59PM
Love Drew but getting old
Drew Bress has one more exceptional year left in his 33 year old frame. The Saints are caught needing to look for a young gun for the future. If they contract Brees for too much for too many years it will be hard to trade him for a super high, maybe # 1, draft pick. So committing to Drew for a long term contract says the Saints are willing to pay high dollars for a quarterback that will become a liability in the long term. I love Drew Brees and love what He has done for the Saints but the team business moves into the future.
03/06/2012 7:04PM
C'Mon Man
Pay the man! The Saints are lucky to have him. Better to have him as a team member than as an opponent!
03/06/2012 8:07PM
Greedy people encourage Greed, If Brees was my son I would tell him "A good name is better than great riches and you are blessed to have both...flee any appearance of Greed the Lord will reward you with true riches...don't act like the heathen. God will reward you for honoring him with your life with things more valuable and likely greater riches too.
03/06/2012 8:13PM
really worth it?
hes already been offered a contract to make him the highest paid player and turns it down, so sure lets offer him even more money than that for one super bowl and lose nicks and colston and see how great he is when hes constantly being pressured and thenwhen he finally gets time to throw he see's that he has no one to throw to its not all about brees
03/06/2012 8:19PM
one man team
the way its looking we will have to release the other 52 players on the team just to give brees the money he thinks he deserves
03/06/2012 9:22PM
Please just pay Drew Brees waht he wants. We all know he is worth it. Get everyone else signed and that will make us fans have some hope in the midst iof all of the scandal.
03/06/2012 10:15PM
Common on New Orleans... really?
Pay Drew Brees - really??? The best player in the history of the Saints and you can't pay the man..... Please... Trade him to Denver for Tebow.... ha ha....
03/07/2012 12:05AM
We'll take Drew in a beignet second! More importantly, we'll pay the man what he wants! Seems like the management of the "AINTS" has returned from the grave!
03/07/2012 12:51AM
Anti-Brees "fans" resurface
Pay the man what he wants. All of you "greedy Brees" fans should just take your anti-Brees sentiment somewhere else, because it just doesn't fit in with the vast majority of Saints fans in this city and area. With all the good that thisman has done for this region he should be canonized. All he wants is a fair contract for his performance.
03/07/2012 5:03AM
Mickey Loomis Scewing Up
Mickey Loomis And The Saints Keep Screwing Around With Drew Brees. They Need To Wake Up. Drew Bees Is The Best Quaterback The Saints Ever Seen In There History. Quit Screwing Around The Guy And Give Him His Long Term Deal. He Is The Saints Best Chance For Getting Back To The Superbowl.
03/07/2012 7:08AM
Give me a Break
Pay the man!!!
03/07/2012 7:24AM
Pay the man
Why is Drew Brees being called greedy for wanting to be paid what he’s worth? Couldn’t Nicks and Colston or any other player take less than what they are worth and stay for the good of the team? Why is Brees the only one being called greedy? Say what you want, Drew Brees IS the face of the franchise. You think anyone will be gunning for the knees of the “Bountygate” QB this upcoming season? But Drew should take a little less and hope that he survives, right? Take the one year deal & if you can still walk next year, we’ll start negotiations again then. People say that New Orleans took Drew when no one else wanted him. I say he’s paid that debt in full and then some. If the Saints didn’t think Drew Brees was worth top dollar they wouldn’t have franchised tagged him. They would have let him be a free agent just to see what the fair market value of a “good quarterback” is right now.
03/07/2012 7:25AM
I believe in Drew Brees
The Saints ALLEGEDLY offered Brees a contract that would make him the highest paid player in the NFL. I didn’t see that contract, I don’t KNOW for a fact it existed. But I have seen the type of performance Drew Brees has had on and off the field. I have seen him break NFL records. I have seen the good he has done for the city of New Orleans and I have seen the example he has set for any professional athlete. I have no reason to doubt that he is being anything but fair in these negotiations with the Saints. I have seen evidence that he is a smart man and a fair man of good character. I haven’t always seen evidence of that from the current Saints management. I believe he understands the salary cap and wouldn’t ask for more than the Saints could give. I have seen evidence that Drew Brees wants to win every game he plays. I believe that he’s smart enough to know what he needs, the type of players he needs to win a championship. I haven’t always seen evidence that the current Saints management knows what they need to win a championship. Especially if they currently think that they can win one without Drew Brees. Pay the man.
03/07/2012 7:28AM
Use your brains
To all u people who think the saint's should just open the vault & give drew a blank check: Hello! There's a salary cap! Drew will be useless if there's no money left to pay his supporting cast. The Saints have offered a deal that's more than fair. Saint drew's agent is playing dirty & drew is letting him.
03/07/2012 7:55AM
Team is the key word
Brees deserves to be paid. That said, so do Colston. so does Nicks. Losing those to will be a major blow and I think will cause big moral problems for the Saints. If they want a shot at the SB this is their last year to be able to do it and they can't without improving the defense. They need D players. The coordinator won't improve it without better D-line players. It's become a pay me and not pay us as a team.
03/07/2012 8:04AM
ATTN Kristian
This was all over the RADIO as BIG NEWS!!! Like Kristian texted a full conversation with Brees. This is no news and nothing new. If you have nothing new on the Brees signing then dont advertise it. This is a waste of space on the internet.
03/07/2012 8:48AM
Really, Tommy?
You say on the air that the report that Drew is "livid" came from an anonymous source and is therefore not true. You tell listeners to go online to get the real story directly from the source... yet Drew's comment was brief and inconclusive at best. Instead it's reported that "a person" says something different than what the previous report said. How is that any different from what W-IST's anonymous source reported??
03/07/2012 8:51AM
both sides
Both the Saints and Brees should sit down and negotiate in good faith. Brees should consider that it is a team sport,and there is a salary cap. No man is an island. If he makes to big of a dent in the salary cap... he won't have many tools to work with. And the Saints need to make him an offer that he can live with. Both need to get busy and get-r-done!!!
03/07/2012 12:18PM
Pay him
03/07/2012 3:00PM
want to be the 2011 colts?
Thats what will happen if we dont sign brees. Great QBs make everyone around them better. This team is an average offense without brees. Is our defense good enough to win with an average offense?
03/07/2012 3:12PM
line outside breeze home
i wander how many teams are lined up on Drews doorstep offering name your price PLUS BONUS
03/07/2012 11:21PM
Can anyone answer this question?
Agents and players have contracts. Agents are paid a percent of what they negotiate. I suspect they're worded to give the agent great authority to "push for the highest compensation". If Drew is making 20 mil and other elite quarterbacks are making 30 mil, WHY would an agent stop pushing for the 30 mil.....which would pay said agent 3 mil instead of 2 mil? It may be more agent greed than Brees greed.
03/08/2012 6:39AM
Did Drew know?
I may have missed it, but did Drew know his teammates were going after opposing players. If he did not, and is the moral person he seems to be, then stay for one more year. The money may be his way out to not have to endure the problems?
03/08/2012 8:47AM
Drew worth every penny
One of the top quarterbacks in the league that has give 200% of himself on and off the field deserves better treatment and respect. Yes, it's big money but football is BIG money. And all you people who are sounding like back sabbers and turn coats must not be real new orleanians.!!!!
03/08/2012 2:07PM
Drew Brees was under paid the first 6 years
Drew Brees got $10 million a year his first 6 years in New Orleans. As an elite QB, he was grossly underpaid. He deserves the pay reflecting an elite QB. In my opinion, Dree Brees is owed about $50 million in pack pay. Yes, I just said that. He should have been making $15 million a year. All you people chirping about him being greedy, to be polite, are very misinformed. The Saints would be a middle of the road 7-9 team without him. Pay him, respect him, and be grateful that Miami never did sign him years ago.
03/09/2012 12:12PM
Pay the man!
This is the contract where he has to make the money, it would be stupid if he did not try now. He has a young family, he has exceeded everyone's expectations and is the franchise. He has a right to ask for what the going rate is for the best in the business. He means so much more to New Orleans then just the football, he repays the city in so many ways. It is very important to him to personally feel appreciated, remembering when he signed with the Saints and not the Dolphins back in the day. This could create permanent damaged between him and the team.
03/09/2012 8:38PM
Drew will leave
Drew wants all this money, MAY GET it, but not have all the pieces to win or stay healthy! The Saints with Drew were the Greatest Show on Earth....but as we lose pieces it is part of the business. Our players as a whole look very good but put just one onanother losing team.....and they look average or overpaid. Remember Jason David...that we had to have??? Once we got him....he folded. The same as when Joe Horn left....he was nothing at Atlanta....same with Fujuita!
03/09/2012 9:53PM
mr benson
get the ball rollin tell mickey loomis get a long term deal done with drew brees clearly the best qb saints ever had and perhaps the best in the bizz tell him if he cant than maybe you can find a gm that can bet that will raise the salary cap
03/11/2012 11:44AM
Hope Drew sees the comments here . . .
Listen, we appreciate all you have done here but you must remember, it is a TEAM SPORT. Sometimes even the star has to take one for the good of the TEAM. Walking out of the negotiations with a guaranteed $48.5 Million is probably more than everyone commenting on this board --- including the person who wrote the story --- will make in our lifetimes . . . and you could have walked out with that much for one more year of your services. . . GUARANTEED! You promote yourself as a caring person, an honest, fair and upright person. Where does this greed fit into the picture you and your people paint of Drew Brees the Savior of the Saints and the best know citizen of the city of New Orleans?
03/11/2012 9:32PM
Is any player worth the whole team?
Drew is great, but have some of you realized he still can't do it by himself. If you lose enough pieces around him, all you will be left with is a on agaon off again first round maybe playoff team. To have all the offensive stars we had to spread the money. Drew's actions have already cost the team Nicks his best lineman. He was to be franchised. Drew's greed is showing. He will not sign the franchise tag. That will tell the story.
03/11/2012 9:49PM
Would Drew destroy the team for his big pay day?
Nix and Drew want the richest paydays for their position. If you every think it's about anything less than money, pro atheletes will remind us. Did Drew do all the things in the community with the expectation that we must give him a blank check? Smart teams don't get caught up too deep with players because when it comes to money, they would leave in heart beat if they can.
03/14/2012 1:21PM
Brees owes the team and the organization a lot of thanks
Coming to New Orleans Saints put Brees in the Hall of Fame. As good as he is, he could not have achieved his present position without a great supporting cast. The Saints owe him a top quarterback contract...nothing more.
05/04/2012 5:08PM
Even the best QB can be overpaid.
Fact: They didn't get to the Superbowl last year even though he passed for over 5,000 yards. So obviously the team needs a better supporting cast around him. That takes money. Saints management must be thinking "We lost several key players this off season due to cap constraints. If we pay Drew even more money, we love even more players. How can we field a Superbowl contender if we give drew most of our cap money?"
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