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Posted: Wednesday, 09 July 2014 3:15PM

Ex-mayor pleased with 10 year sentence, feds object: Nagin Recap

Former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is sentenced to 10 years in federal prison.

Prosecutors objected to the sentence and said it is not long enough.  

"The damage that C. Ray Nagin inflicted on this community is incalculable," Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Coman said.

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The judge said, "Mr. Nagin displayed a commitment to help New Orleans during its toughest times during Hurricane Katrina."

Nagin did not show any remorse for the 20 convictions.

"I trust that God's going to work all this out," Nagin said in court.

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Nagin's attorney Robert Jenkins made his first public comment after the judge handed down the 10 year sentence to WWL's Angela Hill.

"I actually thought he was going to get somewhere between 15 and 20 years," Jenkins said.  "I was surprised and pleased."

He said Nagin was also pleased with the lighter than expected sentence, but has not wavered from him stance that he did not break the law.

"He still maintains his innocence and seeks to appeal the conviction in this matter."

Watch a few minutes of Angela's interview with Jenkins below - view in fullscreen for uninterrupted viewing.



FULL AUDIO: Angela talks to Nagin attorney Robert Jenkins

Nagin must report to the federal prison by September 8th.  The judge recommended the lockup in Oakdale, Louisiana.  It is the same facility where former Congressman Bill Jefferson is locked up and where former Governor Edwin Edwards served.

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Metro Crime Commission Chairman Raphael Goyaneche says that the sentence does not do justice to the crime committed.  But, he is hopeful that it won't stop people from reporting corruption, fearing the criminals will get off easy.

"I don't think it will serve as a deterrent to the public going forward to report wrongdoing,"

While a number of analysts were surprised by the sentence being shorter than the sentencing guidelines suggest, Attorney Tim Meche was not.  He expected the prison term to be about that long.

Click here to listen to Meche... 

WWL TV Political Analyst Clancy DuBos tweeted, "Judge Berrigan said sentence should send a msg, but 10 yrs sends msg that he got lucky when he drew her as judge.  Also, Berrigan said sentence shd keep Nagin from running again. EWE got 10 yrs, like Nagin, and he's running now."

Click here to listen to DuBos with WWL's Garland Robinette...

Political pundit C.B. Forgotson said, "(The) light sentence at Oakdale for RayNagin is an insult to all law abiding citizens."

Click here to listen to Forgotson... 


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