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Posted: Monday, 17 March 2014 2:17PM

Edwin Edwards announces run for Congress

Convicted former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards has announced he is running for Congress.  The ex-con former four term governor wants to represent Baton Rouge, LaPlace and Thibodaux on Capitol Hill.

"I will be a candidate for Congress from the 6th Congressional District this year," Edwards divulged.  "I am positive I can run, and I am confident I can win."

Edwards is jumping back into politics after getting out of prison after more than 8 years, getting married to a woman 51 years his junior, and having a new baby boy. 

As for the issue of age, the 86-year-old lifelong Democrat said he was borrowing a page from Ronald Reagan, one of the most influential Republicans ever.

"Younger candidates should not be penalized because of their youth and inexperience, therefore their age should not be an issue in this campaign," Edwards insisted.

He also stressed he meets all the constitutional requirements to serve, despite his federal corruption convictions.

Edwards did reference the crimes, or at least the proceedings.

"I have not had this much attention since the trial," he quipped to the jam packed room.

The former governor noted, however, that everyone knows his name.

"None of the alleged candidates have more than a ten percent identity rating, and I have 99 percent," Edwards stressed.

Under state law, Edwards cannot run for governor or any other state post.  He is not even allowed to vote in Louisiana.  Federal law, however, does permit him to run for Congress.

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(Photo by Michelle Southern)

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